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Reference-and-Education Everyone knows the class bully. He has a reputation and wants to keep it that way. Avoiding him seems to be everyone’s answer but there are many other types of bullying that are not as open and easy to deal with. School bullying prevention begins with a good understanding of exactly what the different forms of bullying are. Once you understand that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are just under the influence of bullying, you can put bullying prevention methods in place. Everyone has a right to be treated with respect, especially at school. Do not be afraid to report an incident of bullying to school staff and give them the opportunity to take the necessary steps to stop the bullying. Many states have passed anti-bullying laws and already have bullying prevention methods in place. If the school staff has been properly brought up to speed on the new laws, they will know what to do. Be ready to explain what type of bullying is taking place and why you feel that it is wrong. If properly trained, your school official will investigate the allegations and speak privately with the bully or group of bullies to hear their side of the story. They may also watch the behavior of the kids in question, and how they act around you for continuing signs of bullying. Once the staff member has made a good determination of the bullying, punishment should be selected by the administration and handed to the offender. Unfortunately, not all states have adopted school bullying prevention methods and a teacher may take the wrong approach toward reacting to your .plaint for lack of training. Never should a school official place a victim and the bully in the same room to work things out. This will only fuel the bully and make the victim feel humiliated. If a week has passed and the school staff seems to be ignoring your pleas for help and there seems to be no signs of school bullying prevention, dont give up! Sit down and write a letter to the school principal or administrator. Be specific in your charges with names, dates, places and the actions of the bully. Make a copy and keep in case your letter does not get a quick response. If you are not contacted after a week, send another letter to the school superintendent. Very seldom will this action be ignored. Overall, be persistent regarding your rights. Dont allow yourself to fall prey to bullying that can lead to worse abuse to yourself and others. Involve your parents or an adult that is prominent in your life and dont give up the fight. The days of ignoring the school bully are over and the offending party or group of bullies needs to realize that there are consequences for not following school bullying prevention methods. You just may be helping out the bully as well. They may be acting out because of their own personal frustrations and your persistence could move them in the right direction to seek professional help. By Mandy-Jane Clarke Stop-Bullies.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: