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Shanghai scenery line: "warm refrigerator" on the street "free lunch" – the rise of Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, October 7: "warm refrigerator" appeared on the streets of Shanghai "free lunch" in Shanghai, the rise of author Zheng Yingying there is no free lunch? The streets of Shanghai recently appeared a humble warm fridge, trying to take advantage of the food from the hotel, public food bank and the surrounding people, to provide free lunch". The last day of the National Day holiday, about half past eleven in the morning, sauteed potato cutlets in Guangdong such as FCC three or four boxes of food, one hour will "disappear". This "warm refrigerator" is located in Shanghai city of Xikang Road, from a company called pocket about hotel establishment. Reporters on the scene saw in a camera, the red and white refrigerator reads "free food", also noted for steps: you can get free from the refrigerator, please eat in the sign of the warranty period, please click to receive the refuse to waste. The hotel manager Tan Jun said, was originally created to learn some foreign restaurants, the hotel will usually sell well or do takeaway dishes still edible, share to the needs of the people, reduce the waste of food. From the beginning of September 28th, here at 11 every morning, 4 pm will be placed for free food, food box seals, marking the launch date, shelf life, and the staff three times a day to check the refrigerator food situation. There are people listed in Shanghai home Sutang cookies to share, the staff will be confirmed, according to the needs of food packaging, into the refrigerator. The 40 year old Shaanxi migrant workers Mr. Lu, in the "warm refrigerator" across the road in the construction of shopping malls in the work, he said that day to see someone take food from the refrigerator, others thought it was ordering, did not expect to be free. Mr. Lu is very welcome "warm refrigerator", he gave reporters calculations, site work day 20 yuan (RMB, same below) of the rice paste, but simply a meal about 15 yuan, the day is not enough, "don’t care how good, as long as the food to eat at ease, will get the." He also said that when working in Suzhou, also went to the hotel to get a similar free lunch, but in the street to get a free lunch, or the first time to see. In the "warm Fridge", the reporter saw a Shanghai oasis public welfare development center propaganda, which reads: "do you know that there are 230 thousand people in Shanghai are suffering from low income? Do you know that 1200 tons of food are destroyed every day in Shanghai?" There are big and small restaurants in this street, which is located in the warm fridge. Tan Jun said that the introduction of this free food sharing platform, and not want to do it, but want to drive the surrounding restaurants and even the public share the trend. But Tan Jun said, "lack of food," which is the refrigerator opened ten days to meet the greatest difficulties. (end)相关的主题文章: