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Shanghai second-hand housing listing rules maxed network original false news: Shanghai second-hand housing transactions "listing documents" as rumors of the early morning of October 24th, WeChat is a circle of friends called Shanghai second-hand housing listing rules maxed. News from yesterday, Shanghai second-hand housing transactions must have real estate trading center issued a "listing certificate", that is to say there is a second-hand housing to sell, the government must first listed on the online platform of real estate registration to the transaction, and commissioned by the institutions and bank loans and other restrictions. However, the reporter found that this rumor is not true, it is the source of the online real estate more than and 10 years ago, some of the housing stock trading platform in the content, transfer after release. The net news: Shanghai whenever there is the second-hand housing transactions, must first in the online real estate listing and listing only commissioned three intermediaries, single listing for the longest time is 2 months, bank loans only part of the state-owned big firms, small and medium-sized banks, commercial banks and other parties are cannot carry out the loan service. In this regard, many intermediary companies are also confused, they did not receive the message. Today, the Shanghai Real Estate Trading Center Hotline also therefore news, received a large number of consultants. Reporters on the official website of online real estate, but also to find a stock room trading service platform, it existed more than and 10 years ago. The main reason is that the public can be listed on the stock of the housing, the overall flow is very low, the transaction case column into the empty. However, in the description of the column, it is mentioned that the choice of three designated brokers, as well as the 5 bank loans, but also on the principle of voluntariness. It seems that the so-called second-hand housing listing of the new deal baked rumors, it is likely to be modeled as. The net transfer of second-hand housing transactions must also rely on listing documents, the establishment of settlement accounts for financial supervision, which is the stock of housing transaction service platform requirements. Previously, this is the capital regulation, resulting in the replacement of buyers, unwilling to trade on this platform. Buyers said, is to make the funds safer, but it will be more uncertain factors, such as that I saw in the house it once again rise, this way I deal or do not, the money was still in financial supervision. In the afternoon, the reporter noted that due to this false news is a large number of forwarding a self proclaimed Shanghai real estate lawyer, the public number, has been deleted. "" "universal creation Festival cicada looking to change the way you open" "knowledge" recommended today: children of foreign personnel recruitment policy stable private schools shall advance enrollment more than 120 thousand annual income is high income people? Expert: the Department of misinformation today in Shanghai to rainy mode open like a temperature "roller coaster" Shanghai house a gas deflagration occurred at least 18 households in Shanghai Hongkou a window was broken in KTV fighting killed 1 people "" "wonderful video: 5 million men without telling his wife divorce second days on awarding results dumbfounded the 44 year old Bae Yong Jun Zhao Wei mansion exposure when the father behind Zhao Liying’s back tattoo purple flowers have a story on your fingers, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to Tencent.相关的主题文章: