Shenyang elderly population increased to 1 million 735 thousand of the city’s population of 14 htc802w

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Shenyang City, the elderly population increased to 1 million 735 thousand people accounted for 14 of the population of autumn is cool, osmanthus fragrance, it is a year to chongyang. The Double Ninth Festival as a festival for the elderly, a respect for the elderly, and ZhuLao, holiday. So the problem is, all day long call the population aging, do you know how many old people in Shenyang? Faced with the problem of aging population trends, which areas of the largest pressure, which district is the most calm Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter for you to decrypt the Shenyang old people’s Congress data. Shenyang elderly population increased by 90 thousand people a year from the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Statistics latest data show that the total population of Shenyang has reached a total of 7 million 314 thousand people. Among them, the population over 60 years old reached 1 million 735 thousand people, accounting for the proportion of the city’s total population rose from 2011 to 23.7% in, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 90 thousand people, the trend of aging further speed. So, what is the concept of the 1 million 735 thousand? Simply put, equivalent to 2 times the total population in Tiexi district. According to the annual growth rate of the elderly population, the fastest next year, there will be 1 people in every 4 people in Shenyang. In other words, every 3 people on the need to support the elderly, and then remove the students and children without the ability to work, the age of -50 years of age, the burden of the elderly to bear the burden of the elderly will be huge in. Reporters learned that the population aging is a worldwide problem, from a national perspective, Shanghai is the country’s aging population of most of the city, 60 years old accounted for more than 30% of the total household population. As an old industrial base in Shenyang, from the beginning of 1992 to enter the aging society, 7 years ahead of the country. The trend of aging in Shenhe region the most prominent from the county situation, the aging trend of the city was significantly higher than that of county (city), among them, 60 years old population is the largest in Tiexi area, over 60 years the number of household population reached 220 thousand people, the main enterprises and workers to enter the peak of the retirement age. Followed by Huanggu (200 thousand) and Shenhe (189 thousand). However, Tiexi is not the most prominent aging District, from the elderly accounted for the proportion of the total household population, the most prominent trend of aging in the Shenhe region, people over the age of 60 accounted for 26.6% of the total household population, followed by the big east and Heping District, over 60 years old accounted for the area of the total household population of 25.6% and 25.3%. If from the community perspective, one of the earliest community in Shenyang city as the "old", Lu Park community aging South Market Street is quite grim, the community has a population of 11650, of which 60 elderly over the age of 7365, accounting for 63% of the total population of the community. In the face of this problem, in 13 counties (city), the most calm is Hunnan district has over 60 years of age, the population of 65 thousand people, the total household population in this area is 19%, the city’s 13 districts and counties (city), only a proportion of the elderly population of less than 20% of the counties, this figure only the equivalent of the total area of Tiexi elderly population 30%. Half of the elderly are willing to live with their children in China’s first implementation of family planning policy has entered the old.相关的主题文章: