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A basket of Sichuan hot lead Zhou Shiqiang: that scored the playoffs Zhou Shiqiang last night, Sichuan golden strong basketball in a warm-up match with 49: 92 Champions League defeat to CSKA moscow. Although just a warm-up match, but lost in such a way as well as the performance of the players, that stands to observe Club investor Zhou Shiqiang very unhappy. CBA crazy defending champion lost 43 points, this news also sparked heated debate in the circle, "the Sichuan men’s basketball team is the champion" in the history of the weakest argument can be heard without end. In this regard, Zhou Shiqiang said in an interview yesterday, it is necessary to give the team to fight the needle, the goal of the new season is to enter the playoffs, if like last night into the playoffs are suspended!" This method let the boss lose dissatisfaction last night’s game Sichuan basketball team in rebounding lost 22, but even without Hadadi, lost in such a way can not be justified, domestic players beaten no temper. The team in addition to Harris, Xu Tao, scored on the double, all the other players added up to 10 points, only to be able to see, the main force of the top two, almost invisible to the people of Meng Da, Zhang Chunjun, Liu Wei. Zhou Shiqiang complained: "getting lost, the loss of offensive rebounds, did not come out to play. The tactics do not come out to play, Wang Ruheng as a guard, several ball attack are not reasonable……" Sichuan’s audience only 4 assists, 21 opponents, more is too horrible to look at, Sichuan team three 18 shots in only 1, 16 voted 9 opponents…… Insiders commented: This is a comparison, Sichuan basketball team looks like an amateur team." The CBA Championship warm-up game gives Joseph coach Yang Xuezeng said that with the European champions gap is too big. How big is the gap between CBA and the Champions League? Three years ago, Beijing’s home court against Real Madrid, the 8 rivals won the Champions League, the Beijing team completely took the score, only the last 86 to 92 lost 6 points. The same as the CBA championship, Beijing show a completely different style. At this point, the team’s three games this month, the end of the warm-up match, the team lost to complete defeat. Previously they had 112: 123 lost to the German Basketball League has won the Champions League in, the green team of Berlin; 102: 109 did not send the main force of the Guangdong men’s basketball team. Since it is a warm-up match, gold strong men’s basketball team took a rotation tactics, but the young players in the high intensity of physical confrontation, fully exposed the technology is slightly rough, basic skills are not solid weaknesses. At the club expect change Zhou Shiqiang said the club wants to summarize, "the coaches should look for the team, the team kneading forming as soon as possible. In addition, the team’s management to keep up, we should not sleep in the title of the book, the new season will begin in a month." But the coach is also suffering, Hadadi has not returned, and the team’s tactics is designed around the center of Iran. It is reported that Hadadi will be back in about October 5th. However, some time ago, Hadadi has been playing with the Iran national team, the Sichuan men’s basketball team is also very familiar with the coaching staff do not worry too much about his physical state. The team had immediately went to Seoul yesterday in South Korea, today the 2016 Asian Basketball Club championship. The club has said: "I write相关的主题文章: