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Since the Jiang Qing situation than anyone? Mao Zedong: too much interference at core tip: "Wu Zetian, a woman, when the emperor in the feudal society, Comrades, simple ah, not simple. Her husband is also very powerful, is sick, she helped her husband for state affairs, so exercise ability……. They slander Wu Zetian with dirty things, slander and slander me……" Some of the contents of the report to Mao Zedong after her speech, Mao Zedong caused great anger, he angrily rebuked Jiang Qing said: "too much interference, a separate twelve province speech."   Mao Zedong and Jiang Qing photo data extracted from the chart:, author: Xue Qingchao, the original title: the "Gang of four" vicious slander Deng Xiaoping: Jiang Qing’s words made Mao Zedong angry, from February 13, 1976, the "Guangming Daily" in the first edition published an article entitled "Confucius worries" article, with extremely vicious language to attack Zhou Enlai, to mourn the death of Zhou Enlai Chinese people stigmatized as "wife complained". This article wrote, "let the old system" crying women "hold the skeleton, so Hutianhaodi to Confucius. Our great motherland "full of the joys of spring", the proletarian revolution in education is victory!" It means despicable heinous. The "Gang of four" retroaction, aroused strong indignation among the Chinese people. In February, the "Gang of four" plan, to the "red flag" magazine published second, Peking University, Tsinghua University critical group "return of science" and the wind rightist overturn the "people’s Daily" published "the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution further" as a starting point, "counter rightist overturn the wind campaign once again set off a new" wave". In view of the overall rectification in 1975, directed against Deng Xiaoping and the person in charge of the rectification work hosted in various areas of the so-called "counter rightist overturn the wind the litanies thrown out in the newspapers. A chapter of haven like a surging rolled to a turbid, overwhelming and overwhelming trend. The "counter rightist overturn the wind again" upgrade "movement". February 5th, the CPC Central Committee issued a notice, the greeting speech points to expand the scope of communication, communicated to the party and the masses. In February 6th, the CPC Central Committee approved the Central Military Commission on stopping the study and implement the July 1975 Deng Xiaoping and Xie Jianying in the enlarged meeting of the Military Commission speech file. In February 25th, the CPC Central Committee held a meeting of the heads of all provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and major military regions. The meeting conveyed Mao Zedong from October 1975 to January 1976, a number of conversations. At the meeting, was appointed to the CPC Central Committee presided over the daily work of Hua Guofeng on February 25th, on behalf of the Central Committee at the meeting. He asked the participants of the leading cadres "deeply expose and criticize Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s revisionist line error". For many of the leading cadres at the time of the meeting, criticism of Deng Xiaoping is not understood, it is difficult to accept, thoughts turn to the Bush and other issues, Hua Guofeng asked us, "in the process of conversion to expose and criticize the Bush". Hua Guofeng in his speech, the meeting also asked the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and the military responsible person "to counter rightist overturn the wind struggle development.相关的主题文章: