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Children sleep snoring and it couldn’t escape [Abstract] the baby’s sleeping position will not cause too many complications, snoring is one important influence. Most of the time you can hear the baby snoring at night, breathing sound is also very loud, mothers are very worried, I do not know what caused the baby snoring. Children sleep snoring is one of the reasons why children sleep snoring: baby’s mouth at the junction of nasopharynx and epiglottis imperfect functions of children caused by sleep snoring itself if breathing is not very loud, normal breathing evenly, problems are not very serious, but if the snoring sound too much noise will not only affect adults the normal schedule also affect the baby’s own physical growth and brain development function. In general, the baby infant nose junction and epiglottis function development is not perfect, with the increase of age baby naturally epiglottic function will gradually developed completely. When the children are small swallowing function is not complete, oral secretions into the trachea throat will grunt, along with the growth of the age, the baby swallowing function and epiglottis function gradually improved, naturally not purr. This is the baby over to a stage of adult period, mothers need not worry, as long as it will get better. Children sleep snoring two reasons: the proliferation of children adenoidal hypertrophy caused also called adenoids, is located in the nasal cavity after the posterior wall of the nasopharynx a large lymphoid tissue proliferation in early childhood development faster, with the increase of age will gradually shrink. Adenoidal hypertrophy is a unique feature of childhood, it will cause the child nasal secretions blocked, the air out of the nasal cavity was forced out of the mouth. When children sleep the whole body muscle relaxation, pharyngeal narrowing is not smooth, the gas from the impact of the uvula and tongue base tissue, with the breath and bursts of warm sound. If the proliferation of excessive hypertrophy caused by the impact can not be ignored, affecting the normal development of the child does not say, there will be other complications of the body, the children sleep snoring is also the cause of this cause. Children sleep snoring three reasons: improper baby sleeping children sleeping in the body relax, baby sleeping posture is various, sleep, long time face and nostril upward, once into the sleeping time, children are vulnerable to falling into the trachea or tongue slobber caused by snoring. Pashui, chest and abdominal compression, and can easily be a pillow or a quilt cover, the respiratory tract is not smooth, so as to form a snore. The baby’s sleeping position will not cause too many complications, snoring is one important influence. Children sleep snoring four reasons: colds and other respiratory diseases caused by cold or if the child because of other respiratory diseases caused by snoring is excusable, cold period of the child’s nose in different extent because of dirty stop or nose nose straight plug in the nostrils, causes the breath not normal supply especially when the children sleep is because the nostril is blocked, had to use the mouth to breathe naturally, grunting sound is snoring. Because of a cold caused by snoring is not to be treated相关的主题文章: