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Travel-and-Leisure This former capital of Spain retains its glory as one of the most preferred places of visit amongst the tourists. The great river which crosses this city has blessed it with abundant vegetation; the tall mountains and the forest in and around the mountains have enhanced the natural vegetation. Added to this are many places of historical importance, museums and beautiful countryside. All these have brought more and more visitors to this great city. Let us visit some of the museums and other places of importance in Toledo: Museums: Spain has given to the world many artists and master craftsmen, painters, etc. El Greco was a great painter who has created many masterly works through his brush. The house where he lived is now converted into a museum in his name called the Museum of El Greco. Works of El Greco along with those of other artists are displayed in this museum. .ing parallel to this is the museum of Santa Cruz. This museum is housed in a building which was built in the 16th century as a hospital. But this is now converted into a museum where tapestries and many other works of art and artifacts are displayed. Many artifacts recovered during archaeological excavations are displayed here. The other famous museum is the museum of Foundation Duaque de Lerma. According to history this museum was built as per the orders of Cardinal Tavera in the fifteenth century. A church was also built and the statue of Tavera was installed under the dome of the church. In addition to this there are many other museums like the museum of Contemporary arts, Museum Parroquia de Santo Tome, etc. Undoubtedly, Toledo is a heaven for lovers of art and artifacts. When you are in Toledo, you must never forget to relish the roast meats and stews. They are just mouthwatering and brilliantly tasty. Some of the most famous dishes of Toledo include a dish made from lamb with egg, saffron, tomato and of course with white wine. The other famous dish is made of roast lamb and roast pig. A dish called Judias con Perdiz made of bean and partridge stew is another popular dish. There are many eateries serving these dishes. Of course these dishes with the famous Spanish Wine will certainly make your food very tasty. Finding an ac.modation in Toledo is not difficult at all. There are many villas and hotels where luxurious stay can be enjoyed with minimum rentals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: