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Sports network live donation red " " happy playground; the warm sail – Sohu sports star featuring " " donation broadcast, Olympic champion field athletics open class — November 8th morning, a ceremony in Beijing city open up a fresh outlook of Tongzhou District art before primary school opened, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Lottery management center the Chinese national sports foundation co sponsored the Leshan " lottery fund; public welfare lottery happy playground " activities declared officially set sail, will be the country’s 31 provinces, more than and 670 primary and secondary schools, sent free sports facilities and equipment, to the joy of sports to poor primary school, for children’s happiness.       at the same time, including the national football star Jihai Sun, Chinese Jianwang Olympic bronze medalist Dai Xiaoxiang, including a large number of sports stars, the Olympic champion, will also follow the activities to 6 provinces and cities nationwide, gave the children a " sports public class open up a fresh outlook; ". In fact, this activity has even run for 5 years, the national lottery center public relations director Yang introduced, " this year?; the largest, covering most schools, donated funds also reached a record 14 million 300 thousand yuan, the total amount of nearly over the years. " " public welfare lottery happy playground " is a public welfare activities, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Lottery Management Center launched in 2012, by expanding the brand reputation of the Chinese national sports fund management department director Zhou Wangcheng said, in order to increase investment, expand coverage, from this year, the national lottery the center and foundation establishment of Leshan Grand owed lottery fund.   site: Diego Jianwang sports live " network; red " perpendicular and horizontal on the football pitch Jihai Sun, today ushered in a new challenge: he will live in the Tencent’s lens, to send art only primary school sports equipment to donate, hundreds of children to school a public football class, and children completed a football match to relay " ".           this is " happy playground " part of the Beijing initiation ceremony. In November 8th, Jihai Sun and colleagues, and the London Olympic Games Shooting bronze medalist Dai Xiaoxiang, he will live to teach kids with " " the God of archery.   art only primary school is located in Tongzhou District Majuqiao town, Beijing City, the school is simple, not in the strict sense of the middle school playground, only a 35 meters long and 15 meters wide bare cement, the 6 grade of more than 500 children standing on the ground are full to the brim, but it is still the children after school play happy paradise. President Wang Haidong told reporters that art is a private school, students are all migrant workers children..相关的主题文章: