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Recommendation: Australia a large sub pre fried Thailand – Sohu SMG football Tuesday 005 Asia Thailand VS Australia qualifying game time: 2016-11-15 20:00 asian handicap: 1.08 the ball half ball 0.80 average day: 9 5.05 1.22 Thailand in the first 4 rounds of the group to enter the wave all ended, the team was the weakest team in the group. The national team is composed of the National League players, Thailand because of the death of kings, all football tournament in Thailand to be ahead of the end, so that no player in the recent state of the game, the team state is questionable; after the draw with Australia on Japan and Saudi Arabia, already in the rankings behind the top two Saudi, this battle at in the face of Thailand has not lost, the first two guests are unbeaten on the road play extremely stable In this field, the state is questionable in Thailand is expected to win. The game in Asia chupan common open guest Let the ball half low water, the trend has been to support for hanging out, plus the market outlook stage handicap has been upgraded to the ball half ball low water, substantial changes so handicap has reflected the company for spinach plate making confidence is gradually increased, with two teams overall the strength, so the game away victory over Australia to take all three points. SMG recommended: Shengping Fu cz100 recommendation 0: Australia (let the ball half ball)相关的主题文章: