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Taiwan’s Qiaotun document: naked young model and just want the simple Zhao Ziyu Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Zhao Ziyu Momo often share their young model wear underwear sexy photos on the Internet, facebook fan group has more than 100 thousand people tracking, free stickers photos will have several thousand praise, 1 evening she shared a naked lying in bed as she poured the hot milk, bend waist ass up, slightly bite lips wrote: "the mood just simply…" The sensational appearance that tens of thousands of users over enthusiasm, have a message: "I want to follow with the simple!" Zhao Ziyu face sweet and sexy body, often hesitate to show the perfect curve, has just launched the album immediately triggered an enthusiastic response, she did not forget the benefit of the fans on the evening of 1, PO naked lying in bed hot photos, she will be posted on the cover sheet of Shuangfeng plump, waist Qiaotun bend, lift the fiber a snake like, waist posture, super sexy. PO out of the 18 Ban spicy photos, but Zhao Ziyu wrote some melancholy mood text: just want simple…" Some graphic seemingly inconsistent, causing more than 10 thousand friends to like crazy, some people burst her so-called "simple" meaning, dubbed what don’t wear is simple, a fan of all continued shouting: "I want to." Let a person kuangpen nosebleed. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: