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You may seize this opportunity to surpass Ma Yun the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Li Daokui this article appeared in the "new wealth" in China, who can control similar to Taobao’s financial trading platform will become a series of more influence than Ma Yun’s Alibaba organization. All participants in China’s economy should continue to look at this new pattern, firmly grasp the general direction of financial development, in order to respond to and remain invincible. Seize this opportunity you may go beyond the next 3 to 5 years Ma Yun, China’s new economy will bring a new normal how the new financial structure? This problem is Chinese all economic decisions – to government agencies, small family must be a major topic of face and anticipation. To answer this question, we must start with the basic development of the international and domestic political and economic fields. At the same time, China and the world have become one. The next 3 to 5 years, the domestic and foreign political and economic basic situation should be attributed to the following three points. The first is that the world economy is becoming more and more important. Britain and the United States after the outbreak of the financial crisis has taken a very pragmatic macroeconomic policy, the economy in the next few years there may be relatively stable recovery, of course, social problems is the most difficult problem in these countries. Politics in this region may turn left, emphasizing fairness and redistribution. Europe and Japan are the second sectors of the world economy, and will be in a slow adjustment and recovery in the coming years. Among them, the recovery potential of the European economy is far greater than that of Japan, because the level of debt in Europe and the whole enterprise’s innovation ability is more powerful than japan. Resource exporting emerging market countries, including Russia, is the third largest in the world, it may be a variety of problems in the next few years, and even do not rule out the possibility of the outbreak of the economic crisis. The next few years in the field of international political and economic development is the second basic characteristics of geopolitical economy will always be around. At present, the intensity of the conflict in the geopolitics has gone beyond the conflict between ideology and civilization, and the dispute between Ukraine and Russia has far exceeded the scope of the ideological struggle. The Russian President Putin in the confrontation with the west, the ruble suffered a substantial devaluation, but he still insisted on the financial markets do not engage in capital controls, adhere to the government does not interfere with extreme. The attacks on the world by extremist Muslim groups have gone beyond the limits of Islam and Christianity, and the conflicts within Islam may be greater than the conflict between Islam and christianity. Currently, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, as well as Iran are jointly deal with the Islamic state extremist political group. Geopolitical will bring the world economy, the financial sector continued unrest. The third basic characteristics of Chinese economy is still a relatively large growth potential, economic growth will not appear sharp decline, while the China senior policymakers is such a basic judgment based on, will continue to focus on the rectification of corruption and restraint behavior of the government and the officials, standardize the operation of the market economy, these are related to politics social stability and national governance)相关的主题文章: