The 15 salt control coup, so the prevention and treatment of hypertension is more simple

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High salt diet increased

risk of hypertension is known public knowledge, what are the tips to control salt in daily life?

, control the total amount of salt

Chinese dietary guidelines recommended daily intake of 6 grams of salt. A bottle of beer, salt is 6 grams, 6 grams of this includes cooking salt, including pre packaged foods and various seasonings of salt; so if three meals a day to eat at home, it can be used to a day of salt with a bottle of beer, according to the actual conditions to the distribution of daily three a meal. Taking into account the pre packaged food and a variety of spices in the salt, the proposed amount of salt is recommended in the bottle cap.

two, high potassium and low sodium salt

said the high salt diet may increase the risk of hypertension, is actually the sodium ion increased risk of hypertension, it is proposed to choose high potassium and low sodium salt, the salt sodium chloride content is 60%~80%, the content of potassium chloride is 14~40%, also contains a small amount of magnesium chloride and Magnesium Sulfate etc.. The characteristics of this kind of low sodium salt is conducive to the prevention of hypertension, in which potassium ion to prevent hypertension also play a positive role, so for patients with hypertension or to prevent hypertension, it is suggested that high potassium and low sodium intake should be controlled.

three, reduce high salt food

like pickles, salty egg, ham, pickled tofu, fruit and other food containing high salt content, try to eat. For example, a brand of a pack of 120 grams of candied fruit with high salt content of 9 grams of salt a day and a half, is the recommended limit.

four, reducing the use of salt seasoning

soy sauce, oyster sauce, mayonnaise, chives, chicken and other spices contain salt, such as soy sauce salt content is about 15%, while the salt content is 12%-15%, so should control the use of.

five, reduce the use of sodium seasoning

also called monosodium glutamate, although not containing salt, but containing sodium ion in cooking should be controlled.

six, reduce processed foods, eat more natural food

processed foods often add a variety of food additives, such as preservative benzoic acid sodium, sodium propionate, sodium metabisulfite, acidity regulator, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, leavening agent, thickening agent, sodium starch phosphate, sodium alginate, sodium saccharin sweetener, color protecting agent, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, containing sodium ion;