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The birth of "astronomical graduate insurance record class 250 thousand yuan insurable recorded" 985 universities "? 2016 postgraduate entrance examination (course) war is about to begin. According to statistics, last year the number of people taking part in the country’s 1 million 770 thousand, some experts are expected this year will continue to increase the number of postgraduate entrance examination. Daily economic news reporter learned that the postgraduate entrance examination of tropical training, there are institutions or even play Paul Paul slogan, claiming that students can be admitted to the school. One reason to promote self employment + escape winter "now the work is too hard to find!" Students are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination again and again. As a senior graduates, small Xu also intends to start looking for a job to say: "I would like to start with two hands. Because graduate students are also looking for a job, undergraduate graduation can find the best." However, through the summer Internet Recruitment "first kill", a little smile or take it: "a lot of companies I voted resume, most of the game, there are two into the ‘Group’, together to participate in the interview and my graduate degree, the majority, or overseas schools, feel the gap is too obviously." Xiao Xu said that after the school recruit, feel "it is unable to find a job, but to apply after two years to grind, tempered" comeback". As for Xiaowen, why should graduate, she will daze: "just don’t want to work so fast, at the graduate level to improve yourself, maybe have more capital to find a job?" According to previous media reports, in 2016 college graduates reached 7 million 650 thousand people, a record high, coupled with higher vocational college graduates, only these two, the number of new jobs in the number of about 12000000. The hardest job season has also been repeatedly filed. However, according to the 2016 China University students employment report data show that the proportion of college graduates because of entrepreneurship and higher education, the 2015 graduates after six months of employment basically stable. Reporter survey found that the economy is not good, low wages and find a job difficult to become more and more students choose to take part in the postgraduate entrance examination reasons. The winter employment, but also affect the people who have been working. Claiming to be "make the dumbass" off is to concentrate on preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination written examination. A year ago, or graduates successfully find a Internet Co off game operation position, for he likes playing games, this is a perfect job. However, after a year, well that is not the case: "playing games and playing games. I feel more and more lack of competitiveness, whether it is from the work itself needs to have skills, or salary, etc.." Said the intention to go back to his alma mater, studying financial professional: I have been very fond of financial professionals, but the college entrance examination (quality) did not pass the exam, but also regarded as a read it." Well said, in some institutions reported a political class, the three class, the main content of teaching and good politics, "for politics didn’t have a clue, PubMed experience of the people around me are basically only for the political class". Master’s degree will allow job seekers to pick up? Looking for a job is not necessarily peas. Graduate employment pressure greater. Because read two or three years graduate, went to a good platform for practice, on their own相关的主题文章: