The box office has shrunk nearly 14 year-on-year decline in the market dark horse to conceal the new diqua

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The box office has shrunk nearly 1/4 year-on-year "dark horse" to conceal the market decline – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shijiazhuang October 8th News Title: the box office has shrunk nearly 1/4 year-on-year decline in the market to conceal the "dark horse" — 2016 film National Archives observation Xinhua News Agency reporter Ren Liying 2016 film the National Archives has come to an end, 7 days a total of more than 10 domestic movie beach, though covers magic, youth, reality, animation and other types, also there is no lack of box office "dark horse", but not "phenomenal" movie box office, the first negative growth in recent years, has shrunk by 23.4% year on year, the domestic film downturn is still weak twist. National box office for the first time in recent years decreased according to the National Film Fund Office data show that this year the National Archives national film grossed 1 billion 418 million yuan, compared to 2015 had a record 1 billion 850 million yuan box office fell 23.4%. From October 1st to 7, the domestic single day box office was $259 million, 237 million yuan, $217 million, $196 million, 180 million yuan, $181 million, $148 million, lower than the same period last year. The overall national day ticket box office in recent years, the first negative growth. Since 2008, the National Archives of the golden period has maintained rapid growth. Especially from 2013 to 2015, respectively, the output of 617 million yuan at the box office, $1 billion 91 million, $1 billion 850 million, an increase of 55%, respectively, 76%, respectively, higher than the growth rate of the year’s box office in the year of 48.7%. In fact, in 2016 the Chinese film market cooling is not unique national day file. The State Press and Publication Administration of Radio Film Fund Office data show that this summer grossed 12 billion 400 million yuan, compared with the same period last year at the box office is equivalent to "marking time"; this year’s Mid Autumn Festival gear box office total revenue of 509 million yuan, 605 million yuan compared with the same period last year, down 15.87%. China research fellow at the Art Institute of film and Television Arts Institute Ding Yaping said that although the whole day at the box office performance is not satisfactory, but thankfully, the box office and the quality of domestic films seem to have begun to a positive correlation. In the face of the ups and downs of the box office, to maintain a rational and calm, the most important thing is to focus on the story itself, the film itself. I even hope that this slowdown in the tide can be even more violent, so that the capital market to some extent, the cooling of the Chinese film market can really blow sand gold." He said. The main theme of the film "the Mekong River action" breakthrough into the "dark horse" in 2012 the hurricane Rescue 2 ", CO produced the film" looper ", the National Archives rarely imported films in recent years, actually became the domestic film world. "At the beginning of this year the National Archives leader" of the "passing from your world" for romance, since the "grand track" release "reputation dispute greatly, although in the middle of the Mekong River action" by the box office reputation "counter attack" is subject to the action genre limited appeal limit. Originally scheduled to release the National Day only with a large phase, I am not Pan Jinlian, as early as September 19th to exit the National Day file. Biography of China相关的主题文章: