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The countries along the Silk Road culture minister to talk about "culture" to explore new mechanisms of cooperation in zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in September 21 Dunhuang Xinhua (reporter Ding Si) "to enhance mutual understanding and respect, culture plays the role of the one and only", Albania’s minister of culture m Quagliarella? Barrow in Gansu Dunhuang Qom about his "cultural diplomacy". And in the field in English, French, Chinese made a speech, every language has a unique charm, we should expand cultural exchanges and cooperation in the process of understanding". The first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Dunhuang fair") ministerial roundtable was held in Dunhuang on the 20 day. From China, Belarus, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, France and other 23 countries or on behalf of the Minister of culture around the cultural cooperation, cultural trade and cultural tourism products, cultural heritage protection and so on. "As the Minister of culture, and hopes to strengthen cooperation with countries along, so I came here for the first time came to Dunhuang," Komba Lo said "m Quagliarella? Feel landed in a familiar place, because we have similar physical and spiritual legacies, we have similar visual and performing arts, the creation of a free exchange, no common spatial boundaries". For the cultural and economic development, m Quagliarella? Qom Barro said after the end of the meeting, will discuss with China promotion and flow of creative industries and contemporary artists, to develop common international market. For Gansu and Dunhuang tourism culture, natural resources to explore the potential, but also one of the purpose of her trip". Present situation of the countries along the Silk Road to each other "known" cultural characteristics and cultural diversity, Chinese culture minister Luo tree just said, "Belt and Road Initiative along the countries due to different resource endowments, economic complementarity, mutual cooperation and great potential space, all-round mutually beneficial cooperation is a an even highway. Luo tree just said, the important content of cultural products and services itself along the national investment and trade cooperation. Animation, games, creative design, network culture, digital culture service of new cultural industry is a new source of economic development, will gradually become the "The Belt and Road trade along the country a new growth point. Luo Shugang also revealed that China culture department is preparing for the next 5 years "The Belt and Road" cultural development action plan. We will take this as a guide, strengthen dialogue and cooperation with countries along, to further improve the cultural exchanges and cooperation mechanisms, improve the cultural exchanges and cooperation platform, focusing on organizing exchange brand projects, increase efforts to protect the cultural heritage. Talking about the country’s "cultural diplomacy", "education and cultural cooperation to gain new momentum" is Tajikistan’s minister of culture aarum Buick? Heekin Sharm ardenthope. He said, people familiar Chinese thinker Confucius, his famous translation into the Tajik and published. Aarum Buick? Heekin said Sharm is to protect the cultural industry, national historical and cultural heritage, and accumulated in the literature, art, music, painting, sculpture cultural achievements, and introduces the cultural works to the world people. Hope through the exchange of cultural programs, reference)相关的主题文章: