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NFX international exchange: during the festival the collapse of the US dollar clients view the latest market (early on) during the festival, each big market currency fluctuations strongly, especially in the yen for what. In February, less than 10 trading days, the U.S. dollar yen fell nearly 1000 points, fell from 121 to 110 near the top, this kind of volatility is rare in the year. The reason why, in Europe and the United States, including Japan and other major stock markets plummeted, the yen as a traditional hedge varieties, has been favored. Again, the Central Bank of Japan [micro-blog] has implemented negative interest rates before, but it is only part of the deposit, and its policy effectiveness is questionable. So its sustainability has been questioned, once out of influence on the appreciation of the yen is self-evident, market foresight can also be understood. After the market outlook, the U.S. dollar yen will continue to decline in the short term, the support is more obvious around 110. The dollar index fell rapidly in February a few trading days, from near 100 to 95 straight, large decline irksome. Slowdown in global economic growth, interest rate expectations weakened as an important reason. In terms of data, the number of non-agricultural reports 15.1 has shrunk substantially compared with the previous value of 29.2, and the U.S. economic recovery has been overshadowed by heavy shadows. During the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen in congressional testimony as to the global economy is full of fears, the market formed in the Fed’s first rate hike after the good atmosphere was completely destroyed in the short term, the dollar will not easily change. Corresponding to the sharp decline in the dollar, the euro rebounded greatly, if you can again receive 1.1350 above, then continue to rebound will climb higher heights. International Technology Analysis: Euro dollar: rising in recent days, rebounded significantly. The days of operation, the interval of 1.1200-1.1300 buy low sell high. GBPUSD: narrow finishing in January fell sharply after the recent rebound significantly, but in view of the fundamentals of pounds and there is no positive improvement, the market outlook will continue bearish, operation below 1.4600 may be short. The Australian Dollar: wide shocks, fundamental news is not too bright, the dollar plunged must support the formation of the Australian dollar, the operation, the interval of 0.7000-0.7200 buy low sell high.

NFX品汇国际:节日期间美元暴跌 客户端 查看最新行情   (早评)   节日期间,各大市场货币波动强烈,尤以日元为甚。二月份不到10个交易日,美元兑日元跌幅近千点,自121上方直跌到110附近,此种波动幅度年内罕见。原因方面,在欧美包括日本等各大股市暴跌之际,日元作为传统的避险品种,获得了青睐。再有日本央行[微博]之前实行了负利率,但其只是针对部分存款,其政策有效性值得怀疑。那么其持续性就更加被质疑,一旦退出对日元升值的影响不言而喻,市场选择先知先觉也可以理解。后市来看,美元兑日元短期将继续下跌,110附近支撑较为明显。   美元指数在2月份几个交易日内迅速下跌,自100附近直落到95,跌幅之大令人侧目。全球经济增长放缓,加息预期减弱为重要原因。数据方面非农报告15.1的数字与前值29.2相比大幅缩水,美国经济复苏蒙上沉重阴影。期间美联储主席耶伦在国会发表证词同样对全球经济充满担忧,市场在美联储首次加息后形成的利好氛围完全被破坏,短期内美元承压不会轻易改变。对应着美元大幅下跌,欧元获得较大反弹,若能再次收到1.1350上方,则继续反弹将攀升更高的高度。   品汇国际技术分析:欧元 美元:近几日持续走高,反弹明显。日内操作,1.1200-1.1300区间高抛低吸。   英镑 美元:窄幅整理,1月份大幅下跌之后近段时间反弹明显,但鉴于英镑的基本面并没有利好改善,后市将继续看跌,操作上1.4600下方尽可做空。   澳元 美元:宽幅震荡,基本面消息没有太多亮点,美元大幅暴跌对澳元形成一定支撑,操作上,0.7000-0.7200区间高抛低吸。相关的主题文章: