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The exchange with the traditional market Jicang with complementary function Li Wanyi: "Southern culture exchange window", we work together to focus on Southern culture exchange inside the trading system, today we invited guests is the southern culture exchange of property rights trading director Mr. Chen Zhongru told us about the related content. Hello, Mr. Chen, I am very pleased to ask you to tell us about the basic knowledge of the trading platform. Our southern culture exchange window has opened quite a long period of time, also introduces some money by trading center and art trading center, also interviewed many experts and artists, now from the exchange point of view, how are we going to see this new thing, it can bring a new breath and new effects to our cultural commodity trading, even the new model, I think in this regard you have the right to speak, in the exchange market Jicang before what? Chen Zhongru: in fact, the market in the development of our country has been collection for many years, so this collection of stamps and coin market development has been 30 years in the domestic trade in time, and the traditional transaction which has formed a collection of the country’s three largest collection market, including the Guangzhou original vertical market market in Madian and Shanghai, Beijing Lugong market, trading volume this collection the three collection market every year to reach about four trillion, engaged in trading businesses there are tens of thousands of trading businesses, where trading is very active, can every day to see a large number of traders in the market in the collection were active, can be said that the mass foundation with market series is very large, in addition to the external market Jicang art market, in fact, after so many years of precipitation. Also formed many large and small markets, such as Beijing’s Panjiayuan, the little island in Guangzhou, Wende, these are representative of the art market with the collection market is very typical. Li Wanyi: before the exchange, I know that in Guangzhou there are several stamps and coins trading market of the line, there are now some may be declining, some may still be preserved, what the specific situation? What are their business models or survival patterns? Chen Zhongru: Yes, this business from the original format, is actually more over-the-counter market stores with the collection of wholesale and retail, many businesses are relying on the business market information store to complete the transaction with the inquiry, when we go to the original vertical market, in fact every day to see the crowd. The market is filled with the active market atmosphere, a bargain, even quarrel, why fight it? That is because of the authenticity of the product is controversial, controversial products, the price of a dispute, etc., which is the format of the original phenomenon. But this phenomenon in the development of more than 30 years, has already formed a habit, but slowly along with the electronic commerce and other changes of the transaction form, we found that in recent years, the market trading activity as before, even in the text submitted by the format of the collection market at one time is lonely, lonely. Li Wanyi: is it because of the impact of the Internet on it, or the value of the market itself in decline? Chen Zhongru: actually, my manager s相关的主题文章: