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"The famous classical opera China Sheng Hui stars have bright learned last weekend (October 21st to 23), as an important performance project of the Shanghai International Arts Festival," 600 minutes for 600 years — Famous Classical Opera Chinese Sheng Hui Yi Fu on the stage. From 9 to 14 of today’s opera opera representatives gathered in Shanghai, to three at the end of nearly 800 minutes long show, showing a "grand opera concentrated activated Chinese". Before the show, some people worry that the audience for opera performances have been "assorted cold dishes" aesthetic fatigue, but Shanghai is the audience know, three show an average of 80% votes, the last game sold out at the box office is able to explain the problem. Especially the second up to 5.5 hours to perform, a record of Yi Fu stage since 1994 due to the length of the record since the founding. Even 5.5 hours to see the Shanghai audience not tired, artists have shown unique skills: the famous opera Huawen "female see light" is the whole performance activities kicked off a 252 drama repertoire, "Fu Wing", nobody dare to touch in the Shanghai Opera stage has been more than 30 years. Qian Huili Wang Zhiping, the famous opera selection "snakefish · library", "Butterfly Lovers" is · and the traditional drama. Among them, the famous version of "Butterfly Lovers" and countless different characteristics, now the opera stage common is "fan Fupai" "Butterfly Lovers", "Xu faction" version is rare. From Jiangsu’s national Kunqu Opera masters Shi Xiaomei in the Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre President Wang Fang brought the "exclusive" version of "the Peony Pavilion" to marry · you have never seen, this version of the Shanghai "insects" surprise. Especially in the afternoon of October 22nd, a record 330 minutes of performance, the day just happens to be the birthday of master Mei Lanfang. From the Taiwan area of the Mei School of Peking Opera artist Wei Haimin is chief disciple, for the audience to bring Mei Lanfang and even is almost synonymous with the art of Beijing Opera "drunken beauty". From the southern region of the Liyuan opera is one of the most ancient drama China, on behalf of the artist Ceng Jingping for 800 years of history of the "living fossil" revitalized, this time she chose "·’s cook; MI · bridge into the kiln", "jade" is really a one-man show, is contemporary opera actor saved from the old artist study there, endangered rare Opera repertoire, Shanghai audience looked very excited. The same stage are rarely seen in Shanghai Sichuan, brought by the old artist Wang Shize, ninety percent off, and the same master "abstract" highly ornamental plum…… No wonder so wonderful, for 5.5 hours, the audience still diminished interest — in the afternoon to play the second interval of nearly 18, the reporter saw a Shanghai fans in the lobby to call the family, "don’t wait for me to come back for dinner, I have not finished eighty percent off!" Opera art appreciation more than the drama of the spirit of "600 minutes and 600 years" why can make the audience so fascinated? The industry a more consistent view is that "the corner (i.e. good actor)" should be the core competitiveness of Chinese opera. "Horn" body embodies the core China charm of drama, and the producers, the most representative of today’s opera.相关的主题文章: