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The holidays for children to watch movies, to see the rare 20 film score! – Sohu highlights education director Ang Lee once said, "a good movie, change a person’s way of looking at the world, some people say" the movie will be human life 3 times longer". For a child, a good film, in the laughter and moved to him, but also can be a good help for his aesthetic enlightenment, and help him see a colorful world. The following 20 films are selected from hundreds of children’s films, they are not only high scoring, good reputation, but also to convey the rich ideological content of children. Do not know what to give the child to see the film’s parents, you can retain a oh. In order to facilitate everyone to read, the film will be based on different ages 3-7 years old, 8-13 years old is divided into two parts. The movie is most suitable for children aged 3~7, 1 "monster power company" for fear of the cupboard, behind the door there will be monster children, monster power companies can be said to be a "timely rain". The monsters in the film look a bit scary, but they are touched by their kindness and kindness. Key words: fantasy, happy watercress score: 8.6 points classic lines since ancient times, the children of the world know, monsters hiding in their cabinets. But what they don’t know is that these monsters are not always so scary. We don’t know, there’s a bunch of monsters living in a world like that. They look funny, but pretend to be ferocious. Because, in the middle of the night when they quietly appeared in the child’s closet, scare just sweet sleep baby. Everything, just because they are employees of the monster power company, and the child’s screaming, it is all the power of the kingdom of monster power. The monsters are afraid of the children, but they must let the children scream. In the kingdom of monsters, they are all for the benefit of the hero. Sullivan is the most strange hair Monsters Inc outstanding employee, performance always pulled ahead, he scared the children too many to count. He and his partner Mike very strange eyes and esteemed. By chance, Mao blame accidentally put a two-year-old girl Abu back to the monster world, caused a great panic, naughty and lovely Abu put these terrible monsters frighten of utterly routed. The police are chasing Abu, and bad Henry is planning to use Abu to reform his factory’s evil plan…… On the other hand, in the process to get along with Abu, Mao blame grew vague feelings for her, even so exile in the wild. But everything can’t withstand the Mao blame the girl save faith, for Abu, Mao blame embarked on a dangerous journey…… 2, the famous Japanese cartoonist "Totoro" one of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece, the color is rich, tender and touching story. The love between the two little heroes and the love between the father and the mother is very natural. Big Totoro adorable and warm, the children will be very love. Key words: family, guardian, love watercress score: 9.1 classic lines of life to a certain extent, bad will be better, because it can not be worse. I相关的主题文章: