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The man across the street had died from the underground channel is only ten meters yesterday at about 10, a 30 year old man in Zhongshan Road across the Qingniwaqiao Road, is a normal driving a taxi hit, was killed. It is regrettable that the distance from the incident 5 meters away, there are prohibited to pass through the identification of the isolation zone; more than 10 meters, is the underground passage. According to the video display, the man was knocked, and two pedestrians have just arrived at the median, is also preparing to cross Zhongshan Road. In recent years, pedestrian news across the Zhongshan Road belt hit casualties reported frequently, but there are still individual pedestrians holding chances to cross the road. In fact, security is the most recent road. The man burst across the Zhongshan Road killed 10 am yesterday, Mr. Sun members of the public to the newspaper news hotline Baoliao, Zhongshan Road Qingniwaqiao Road, a taxi, a man flying across the road. "The man was badly hurt, and he had a big pool of blood." Mr. Sun said. 10:30 when reporters rushed to the scene, the hit man has been taken away an ambulance, the middle lane on the westbound direction in Zhongshan Road, there is a large pool of blood is flowing. A taxi parked in the driveway on the inside, the right front side of car damage is heavy. More than the traffic police at the scene to carry out exploration and traffic grooming. 10:33, the taxi was towed trailer, the driver was taken away by the police investigation. Reporters noted that less than 5 meters away from the man hit locations are prohibited through eye-catching logo belt; and more than 10 meters, is an underground channel. Then the reporter learned that the hit man was killed because of his injuries. When the accident occurred at the time of the day when people cross the road at noon, insiders told reporters a video of the incident when a car accident. The video shows the man walking in the direction of traffic in the west of Zhongshan Road, prepared by the isolation belt gap across the road. After the middle of the lane, the man suddenly accelerated to front running, Lane from inside the second row of the car to grab the past, but unfortunately in the inside lane taxi zhuangfei. You can see in the video, the man knocked at just two pedestrians have just arrived at the isolation gap with the waiting time again across the Zhongshan Road eastbound direction of traffic. After the accident, the crowd: "this is There were many discussions. Stopped on the isolation belt, is to prohibit pedestrians crossing the road, to save a few trails bring life to catch up, the price is too high." "Car crash where frequent accidents are basically due to a pedestrian crossing the road. A lot of people with a chance to think that they can pass, and often can not really go. Not only young people, some people also walk slowly from the wear, looked really make people tremble with fear." "Pedestrian crossing the road to behave, car normal driving, suddenly jump out, the driver scared not to say, it is difficult to avoid bumping into people, drivers are also very wronged, but 10 meters away is the underground passage, taibuyinggai." Currently, the police are still investigating the situation. Combing the same section of a similar incident occurred many times reporter combing found that in recent years, in Zhongshan Road Qingniwaqiao Road, with pedestrian crossing belt and killed by a car hit incidents, bloody lessons can not stop the luck. 2]相关的主题文章: