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Xu Hui moral model of moral lecture share dedication experience the morning of September 20, 2016, on the occasion of the arrival of "citizen morals day" on the occasion, Huadong company "dedication of honest and friendly" moral lecture into the Anhui Provincial Hospital district project, the national moral models, national labor medal winner Xu Hui with a personal experience of a vivid speech. Anhui Provincial Hospital, Hefei area project project staff workers, labor force, on behalf of the local community representatives of more than and 60 people attended the moral lecture activities. The "dedication of honest and friendly" moral lecture moral lecture according to "sing the song — Learning Model — the classic chant — for example — talk about the perception of" 5 links step by step, let us feel the moral strength of multi dimension. Along with the "citizen moral song" music sounded, the presence of personnel all rise, moral lecture started. "Moral" every song "run to and fro tired say that is a lie, but, as long as a thought for everyone to solve his hard work would be as pressing danger, not what." In moral lecture, Xu Hui talked about. Xu Hui has been determined to do the little things in the end, the service to do the home of faith. Over the years the undivided attention of serving the people, "Xu Hui holiday squad" regardless of winter in summer, the initiative into the community, schools, compulsory service for the masses, this spirit that we admire. Then the project on behalf of the "moral" reading "the Analects of Confucius" to listen to the staff and workers attending church fathers, also shared moral feelings and listen to. Finally, in the construction of three two company of Huadong company said party secretary Ding Jie, attended the event by education, in the moral model Xu Hui felt the spirit of dedication, feel a member of the Communist Party of the spirit of love.相关的主题文章: