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The morning how many people have a bitter taste in the mouth to get up in the morning will feel mouth bitter, cause a lot of bitter, because of the lack of sleep is one of the reasons. Chinese medicine: bitter is caused by the hot and humid pain for many reasons, such as the digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system diseases; oral disease and suffering from certain infectious diseases; often fatigue, lack of sleep, excessive smoking and drinking people; with some tumors such as pain symptoms may occur. The morning going on Chinese medicine, bitter mouth often have bitter taste in the mouth, this is mainly due to damp heat caused, including two kinds of stomach and gallbladder damp heat. May be due to liver and gallbladder pain, part of hepatobiliary inflammation. Some people have stomach pain, no hepatobiliary inflammation, but due to poor diet, eating too much spicy food, can also cause pain. At the same time, some patients with chronic diseases (such as diabetes) people will also have the pain. On the other hand, a lot of mental workers, due to mental stress, coupled with the characteristics of improper diet, irregular, less activity, the gastrointestinal function is dull, eating the food to stay too long in the stomach, it is easy to produce heat, can also cause pain. Chinese medicine experts suggest: 1, people suffering from chronic diseases should be under the guidance of a doctor for treatment, the cause of the pain. 2, the pressure of the people, we should try to make diet food, reasonable structure, less spicy food, eat more fruits, vegetables, etc.. 3, proper exercise, so as to promote the normal operation of the digestive function, especially mental worker sports to strengthen, but also regularity. When eating, should try to think less work.

早晨起床嘴里发苦怎么回事   很多人早上起床都会感觉口腔有苦味,引起口苦的原因很多,其中,睡眠不足也是一个原因。   中医:口苦是由湿热引起的   引起口苦的原因很多,如有消化系统、呼吸系统、心血管系统疾病的人;有口腔疾病以及患有某些感染性疾病的人;经常疲劳、睡眠不足、过度吸烟、酗酒的人;患有某些肿瘤的人等,均可出现口苦症状。 早晨起床嘴里发苦怎么回事   中医认为时常产生口苦,这主要是由于湿热引起的,其中又包括肝胆湿热和胃热两种。肝胆湿热口苦,可能是由于肝胆部位存在炎症引起的。胃热产生的口苦,部分人肝胆没有炎症,但由于饮食不合理,食用了过多的辛辣食品,也会引起口苦。同时,一些患慢性疾病(如糖尿病人等)的人也会有口苦的情况。   另一方面,很多脑力工作者,由于工作精神压力大,再加上饮食不当、不规律、活动少等特点,其肠胃功能呆滞,进食的食物在胃肠停留时间过长,很容易产生湿热,也会引起口苦。   中医专家建议:   1、患有慢性疾病的人应在医生的指导下,针对病因治疗引起的口苦。   2、对于压力大的人,应该尽量使饮食规律、食物结构合理,少食辛辣,多吃水果、蔬菜等。   3、适当运动,从而促进消化功能的正常运转,尤其是脑力工作者,运动要加强,而且要有规律性。进餐时,应尽量少考虑工作的事情。相关的主题文章: