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The Olympic Games, healthy life — real estate — on highly anticipated Games have been closed, but the Olympic Games bring people to sports, sports, health enthusiasm is still high. In August 27th, Taishan Luneng 7 villa project site, a passion for power by Olympic champion fashion health festival grand opening. The event invited the former Olympic gymnastics champion Feng Zhe, sports nutrition Dr. Zhou Jin and international famous running coach Fred (Shi Haidi), renowned yoga instructor Wang Shuai, well-known fitness trainers and other health big coffee pink Fifi, fashion, sports, celebrity fitness industry convergence, together with the curtain Luneng Taishan villa 7, sports + healthy life the way! Are & healthy healthy life leading contemporary mainstream activity is the most attractive part is the champion in the history of Olympic champion Feng Zhe Gao Yan value hand piece in a humorous way to chat with their training and anecdotes, he believes that sports Championship represents Chinese level athletes, the real sports power is the body quality training of the general public and the level of people’s health. In other words, sports is a cause of people’s health. The Olympic champion of physical understanding and sports +7, Luneng real estate product intention agree without prior without previous consultation. Raise the meaning of sports + community to a new height. France coach professional guidance and beauty yoga master’s live performances for everyone to enjoy the purpose of a deeper understanding of the significance of sports fitness. Sports nutrition doctor on-site Q & A, from the national athletes nutrition chat to the daily life of a healthy diet, her point of view, health, fitness and nutrition is the concept of modern healthy life. Sports + healthy lifestyle to the background of innovation concept of human settlements in the global warming, the deterioration of the air today, healthy life is an important problem in contemporary people can not be ignored, and is closely related to the quality of life. Luneng estate, in order to create a healthy living environment as the leading thinking, innovation, and strive to build sports +7 product line layout of the country, to create international health and leisure life style "as the theme, in Taishan villa 7, landing in Beijing. The cooperation with the fashion group, but also an important measure of landing physical fitness lifestyle. Inside and outside the advantages achievements of Beijing’s first international high-end sports + villa area as "Luneng Taishan sports +" No. 7 product line for the mountains, is located in Beijing Shunyi Beijing Luneng Taishan No. 7 villa, representative. The project includes the Olympic Water Park, Beijing Country Golf Club, Beijing Qiaobo indoor ski and other high-end sports venues, future planning will be built in Shunyi Sports Center, the international tennis hall, International Hockey Hall, the project is built 27 thousand square meters of Sports Park, including slow runway, basketball courts, fitness zone the children’s play area, etc. all age of sports facilities. For Beijing Luneng Taishan No. 7 villa, one is based on the outside of the time and location of sports facilities, one hand is groping for sports, community life inherent Luneng based on the years, plus the project is located in Chaobai River, 42 million square meters, 100 thousand square meters of national Forest Park is surrounded by Central Park, the forest coverage rate up to 73.4%, higher than 20 times of the negative oxygen ion center)相关的主题文章: