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The prisoners died the family sued the detention center: provide timely medical expenses (Figure) – Beijing Xie from holding son Xie Yundong identity card in November 10th, Yangshuo county farmer Xie Xian from a paper petition to Yangshuo county court, sued the Yangshuo County Detention Center, the custody son Xie Yundong nursing treatment ineffective provide medical expenses, not timely, eventually his son’s death. In August 27, 2016, the Yangshuo County Detention Center detainees Xie Yundong, due to a sudden emergency was sent to the county hospital, then transferred to the second hospital of Guilin city. The next morning, according to the condition of the doctor, said to try ECMO (that is, the outer membrane oxygenation Technology) is the last glimmer of hope that the families to confirm surgery. Because the family and the detention center who should bear nearly 50 thousand yuan of operating expenses on the issue of controversy, the hospital has not been able to delay the operation of experts outside the hospital second. Ten hours later, the detention center agreed to surgery. Xie Yundong died shortly after surgery. 27, 4: Guilin City funeral home emergency disease B53 cabinet, son of the remains of the store. The 30 year old Xie Yundong head wearing a yellow forehead while a black hat, a red point according to the custom of "mole". Standing next to his son’s body, Xie had never shed tears, he was very thin, because the rescue has been infusion, so bloated." Funeral home records show: Yangshuo County Detention Center sent to Guilin Second People’s Hospital for treatment. In August 29, 2016, due to the rescue death, now Xie Yundong’s delivery of the funeral home, a month after the cremation process. Related costs borne by the Yangshuo County Public Security bureau." The cause of death, "multiple organ dysfunction syndrome?" The 113 day, is the town of Xie Yundong, the town of farmers detained in Yangshuo County Detention Center time. Three days before the onset of illness, he has just been sentenced to theft in Yangshuo County Court of First Instance sentenced to imprisonment for 6 months. The reason is that he and others together under the pressure of the village to steal the viewing platform of two plants worth thousands of dollars". On August 27th at 9:45 in the morning, Yangshuo County grape Zhen Shi Kou Zhai Cun Xie Xian from farmers received a strange call, the person claiming to be the detention center of Yangshuo County, told the rapid rate of speech from his son Xie Yundong Xie, the night of sudden illness, has been sent to the county hospital, let him to look at the past. From the rugged mountain road rushed to Yangshuo county hospital, it is noon. Running into the medical department, Xie Xian was frightened by his son’s weak state. "I asked him," did they hit you? " He shook his head with difficulty. I looked at him, and it didn’t hurt. I’ll go downstairs and buy him a pear." Buy pears only spent less than 10 minutes, back to the ward, Xie Yundong has been in a coma, being carried to the ambulance referral downstairs. Xie said from the first, until the end, the son did not wake up. When dealing with the detention center, Xie family to watch the video about more than and 20 minutes before and after the onset of Xie Yundong: August 27th at about 4:20, Xie Yundong came down from their 6 beds, with some stumble to go outside the prison number. "He looks a little shaky, but he can walk on the wall!" Eldest brother Xie Yunqin said. The argument is that when Xie Yundong and with the prison room, found Xie Qian Yundong in poor condition.相关的主题文章: