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In 16 million, the project manager keep cold record Director Secretary Sarkozy dispatched the winner coming August 24th, lottery Lotto 16099th lottery lottery, according to the results, Fushun city is located in the old district Wanghua District No. 92 No. 04071 lottery outlets won the current only one note 10 million prize. Because of the lottery with an additional bet, based on millions of awards at the same time received an additional $6 million bonus. In the past third days, the lottery, the lucky lottery in Fushun Lottery Center for the award registration. Keep the number of the first half of the lottery station a rainbow is known to winning the lottery center, winning MR (of surname) is very talkative, Mr. Zhang said he was betting lottery Lotto has been more than three years time, weekdays only betting this kind of play, had also in some small prize. In this way, Mr. Zhang said, many people will choose "hot", but they must draw further apart "". The winning on a par 5 group number is he in half a year ago according to the chart selection of "cold", "I’m betting lottery is holding entertainment mentality, each bet 15 yuan for me not only affect what is the investment of a new hope for life, but did not expect to award so fast". In the process of awarding Registration Center staff, asked why the first did not come to the lottery, Mr. Zhang laughed and said: "I am going to eat breakfast this morning, see the lottery station support rainbow door only to see the lottery." The lottery Lotto lottery day for a week on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, when Mr. Zhang bought lottery tickets on Wednesday, he used to buy again on Saturday when the query winning or not. The lottery station to see the rainbow door, Mr. Zhang is the first feeling that the lottery may have won the lottery. After eating breakfast, Mr. Zhang came to the site asked the salesperson to help view the results, while playing the same lottery ticket. I did not expect the salesperson to bring their own a surprising good news, in the tens of millions of awards is not others, it is his own. After him, then they came to the city sports center. In the communication with Mr. Zhang, I learned that Mr. Zhang is a project manager, his hometown in Benxi, his single person working in Fushun. On the way to the Provincial Center Duijiang, I asked Mr. Zhang how to plan the future life. Mr. Zhang simple firm said he would continue to work now, in the bonus to an only child no menace from the rear in the future life, "although won the award, but my work relates to their team members’ jobs, I will not go, the future life will be to continue the" step-by-step "walk." The 16 million awards to the province center for awarding lottery lottery matters, in order to ensure the smooth change of bonuses, City Sports Center Director Wang Xiaogang province in advance with the contact center, arrange limousine accompanied by lottery together to Provincial Center for the awarding procedures, provide convenience for the lottery lottery. This has not only been the lottery more praise, is the center of Fushun, the implementation of the "two a" study and education activities of the actual performance results. With Mr. Zhang smoothly change the bonus)相关的主题文章: