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The treatment of dislocated China expensive media analysis thousands of times: no insurance despise – Beijing, the original title: the American doctor is also very trouble recently, Hangzhou claimed a "Happy Father" in its parent, WeChat public, released a true story in the United States take their children to see a doctor, caused the extensive discussion. The parents said in the article, their children in Losangeles children’s hospital emergency hanging the dislocated, waiting for 4 hours to see a doctor. Music dad also said that despite the attitude of the medical staff is very good, but this complicated experience with the value of expensive medical expenses, or let him feel very sorry. Is it so bad to see a doctor in the United States? It is understood that, due to the different national conditions of China and the United States, there is a big difference in the medical system, can not simply compare the two kinds of health care system which is better or worse, but it should be seen in recent years, the progress of the domestic medical system reform. > > experience the doctor 4 hours to spend 11800 yuan according to earlier media reports, the author of the article "Happy Father" named Aman Chang, Hangzhou is a primary school principal, he would love to travel with children music travel. This summer, Aman Chang and his wife took four and a half mile began a ninth trip abroad — American self driving tour. On the evening of July 14th, son accidentally left in the room playing dislocation. The couple took the children to the Losangeles children’s hospital emergency room, did not expect the next experience allows them to experience the real version of "man in the road?" — a number of very small, but still waiting for half an hour after the start of registration; the first doctor checked into another consulting room second doctors arrived at the hospital; after more than two hours, the third doctors began asking the check, start manual reset after asking the child’s medication history, allergy history, disease history, family history; wait until the doctor finished more than and 40 pages of A4 paper records, and the window staff checkout after repeated representations, the process lasted four the diagnosis and treatment of the end of an hour. Aman Chang said, this is not the first time the children at home is dislocated, emergency dislocated the night before the two, went straight to the consulting room doctor after less than a minute fix, watching the children pain, we are very anxious, but fortunately the attitude of medical staff are very good." 11 days later, Aman Chang returned to the Losangeles children’s hospital bill, although several well-known American Medical friends reminded him to see a strong psychological preparation before the bill, "but the digital bill in the eyes, so I have two minutes of a blank mind." Aman Chang recalled that after the discount discount total cost of $1767.6, about 11800 yuan, fortunately, prior to the purchase of travel insurance, full payment has been credited." Aman Chang the United States experienced doctor recorded August 23rd at the WeChat public own published a report entitled "American self driving tour 2: Queer hospital tour! To pay tribute to Chinese medical workers! "In the article. Star also Tucao foreign medical for a time, users have begun to discuss the Sino US medical system which is the best. Many netizens call "good doctor or at home"! In fact, this time相关的主题文章: