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The Yellow River ship how standing man approached a look startled Zheng report financial media reporter Xu Fuying Wen map November 5th at 13:40 PM, Mr. He said: they call the public one in the Yellow River while playing, eating farm dinner went to the river and a boat, saw the boat stood a man, one family casual approached the ship, only to find that the man was dangling feet. Looking carefully, the man pale, the neck has a rope hanging on the roof bar, they immediately alarm. The incident in the Yellow River Huayuankou garden town highway bridge east 4 kilometers north of Zhao, lavender manor north the Yellow River bridge side. On the morning of 5, Mr. ho with a family of three, while in the Yellow River to play bridge to see birds at the weekend. The weather is fine, we at noon on the boardwalk on the edge of the farmhouse meal, at the time of the the Yellow River Bridge side there are many people in the shooting birds." Mr. he introduced, after they had eaten dinner, to the west of the pontoon walk, there are not many people, far from seeing a broken boat, should also be used before the Farmhouse Hotel, may have been abandoned for many years, the roof of the boat has no, only the iron shelf. As far as we can see, there was a man standing on the ship, and we thought they were people near the farmhouse, and they didn’t care. This ship is more than 50 meters west of the pontoon, and it’s very close to where we eat." He said, when the three of them approached the ship, they saw the man standing on the ship motionless, and then looked carefully at the more than 30 year old man with his feet dangling. "We were shocked to see a rope tied around his neck." Mr. He and his wife, Ms. Qi, immediately call the police. In the scene, a car parked car number Henan AR8V97 white TOYOTA sedan, the police rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm, to see the ship, found the more than 30 year old man was cold, seems to have died a long time. Reporters asked the owner of the farmhouse more than 100 meters east, Mr. Zhao said the boss, they know that the weekend to many people, the family early in their boat busy noon meal, there is no time to take into account the west of the boat man. And that white car, it seems to get up in the morning found, "because the the Yellow River side often people in the car overnight, the Yellow River beach parking at night is normal, we do not care too much, did not expect someone on the boat accident."". The police did not immediately take the deceased down, the dead is not committed suicide can not be determined, nor ruled out is a case. So, they immediately notify the criminal police arrived at the scene.

黄河边破船里怎么一直站个人 走近一看吓一跳郑报融媒记者 徐富盈 文 图11月5日13时40分许,市民何先生来电称:他们一家在黄河边玩,吃过农家饭后走到河边一条船边,看到船里站着一名男子,一家人不经意走近船时,才发现这名男子竟然双脚悬空。仔细看时,男子脸色发青,脖子里有个绳子吊在船顶杆上,他们立即报警。事发在花园口镇花园口黄河公路大桥东4公里左右的赵兰庄北侧,过熏衣草庄园向北的黄河浮桥边。5日上午,何先生带着一家三口,趁周末到黄河浮桥边玩想看候鸟。“天气晴好,中午我们就在浮桥边上的农家乐吃饭,当时黄河浮桥边有很多人在拍候鸟。”何先生介绍,他们吃过饭后,就向浮桥西边走走,这里人不多,远远看到有一条破船,以前应该也是农家乐饭店用的,可能已经废弃多年,船顶上的棚已经没有了,只剩下铁架子。“远远看到船上站了一个人,我们以为他们是附近农家的人,根本没有在意。这条船就在浮桥西侧50多米远,离我们吃饭的地方也很近。”何先生说,他们一家三口走近船时,看到船上站着的人一动不动,再仔细看,这位30多岁的男子,双脚竟悬空着。“我们大吃一惊,才看到他脖子上系着一根绳子。”何先生和妻子戚女士立即报警。在事发现场,停着一辆车号为豫AR8V97白色丰田卡罗拉轿车,接到报警的民警赶到现场后,到船内查看后,发现这名30多岁的男子身子已经凉了,看来死亡已经有一段时间了。记者询问东边100多米远的农家乐的老板,老板赵先生说,他们知道周末来的人多,家人一早就在自己船上忙活着中午的饭菜,根本没有时间去顾及西边船上这个人。而那个白色轿车,似乎早上起来就发现有,“因为黄河边经常有人在车内过夜,黄河滩上晚上停车很正常,我们没有太在意,没有想到有人在船上出事儿”。 民警没有当即把死者取下来,死者是不是轻生还不能确定,也不排除是一个案件。所以,他们立即通知刑侦民警赶到现场。相关的主题文章: