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folding or flex smart phone era is coming, they will give us a special mobile experience, but in this product is fully accepted by the user before, I am afraid it will take some time.

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in June last year, Lenovo in a large conference launched CPlus flexible concept prototype products, in addition to publishing a Moto Z modular mobile phone, as well as the world’s first use of Google Tango augmented reality software mobile phone Phab 2 Pro. CPlus may be just a prototype product, but it may also be as a fireworks show to stimulate people’s future vision of the future of a truly collapsible smartphone.

CPlus is as powerful as the current generation of mobile phones, and the reliability of rectangular design has become an essential element, although this element is boring. Because of this, the flexible or foldable mobile phone may inject new vitality into the industry, even though these new future devices will encounter some setbacks.

why are we so hungry for folding phones?

folding phones are both visually and functionally refreshing, because hard electronic components can’t bend, at least not in the absence of a hinge. However, in addition to the creativity of designers and scientists to push the limit, the foldable mobile phone is of practical value?

in fact, they also have a lot of practical value. If we can fold the electronic equipment, we can go out with a smaller bag can be – this design basically allows the screen size doubled. In addition, Queen’s University, Canada, human Media Lab inventor Rolle · (Roel Vertegaal) said that such devices will be able to produce the same as printed newspapers, like the." He also said that in this way to make part of the mobile phone parts, will eventually reduce the cost of production of mobile phones.

if the electronic equipment can give users more 3D working face, so that there may be the way they are used even to make a difference to the user to carry, for example, while playing a game of navigation experience.

will take time to become a mainstream product

Lenovo CPlus is not the only one to promote the limits of flexible products. In fact, as early as 2011, we have seen the prototype of the folding mobile phone. There are reports that Samsung will launch a mobile phone can be deformed into a tablet computer products in 2017, the mobile phone screen surface will develop to a new height, rumors LG electronic folding mobile phone screen to apple, Google and Microsoft supply in 2018. Lenovo is also developing a tablet prototype, the size will become smaller after folding. ;