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Three men across the city gun trading drugs just entered Shenzhen was arrested by the police on September 27th, Shenzhen Baoan police announced cracked a drug trafficking case, three men came from Dongguan city Shenzhen Songgang, ready to engage in drug trading, Baoan police were arrested in one fell swoop. Recently, Shenzhen Baoan City Public Security Bureau police station patrol Yan Luo in carrying out the "2016 hurricane" action, strengthen the daily armed investigation process, Mopai to get an important clue, "drug" who may be in the evening from Dongguan to Shenzhen, Songgang Street Tangxia Chung community drug deal, but the specific address and transaction time is unknown. According to the clue, the police station of Yan Luo analyzes the clue source carefully, and studies the deployment arrest plan. At the same time to inspect squatting, and into the area of the main traffic junctions were dispatched to carry out armed investigation based cards. The police patrol in Dunshou process, in Tangxia Chung community Fu Tong Road, found a brown car around kept wandering, acting very suspicious. Seeing this situation, in order to prevent the suspect vehicle fled, police station Yan Luo clever use of the road is the road time, while deploying barricades and vehicle to encircle the road ends, while the arrangement of plainclothes followed. The suspect vehicle into Fu Tong Road surveillance range, ambushed police decisive attack, approached the car and the car control personnel. After a search, the police on the spot in which a man found a parcel of about 1.04 grams of methamphetamine, and in the car two packets of methamphetamine seized about 4.57 grams, and seized a homemade pistol 1, thunder reached 1 guns and 2 bullets, machetes 1. The police will bring three suspects back to the police station for further investigation. According to the introduction, three men named Huang, Li Moucheng and Liu Moudong, the youngest 22 years old, the oldest 29 years old, are Hunan, Shaoyang province. They confessed that because of lack of money, three villagers gathered together, trying to get drugs in Dongguan to sell in Shenzhen. At present, three people on suspicion of drug trafficking have been criminal detention in accordance with the law police station, the case is under further examination and deep digging line expansion. Shenzhen evening news reporter Zhang Shaoqiong correspondent Xie Xiaowen apprentice editor Li Yitian

三男子跨市持枪交易毒品 刚入深圳就被警方抓获   9 月 27 日,深圳宝安警方公布破获一起贩卖毒品案,三名男子从东莞跨市来到深圳松岗,准备进行毒品交易时被宝安警方一举抓获。   近日,深圳市宝安公安分局燕罗派出所民警在开展 “ 飓风 2016” 行动、加强日常武装巡逻查缉过程中,摸排掌握到一条重要 “ 涉毒 ” 线索,有人可能在当晚从东莞过深圳,到松岗街道塘下涌社区进行毒品交易,但具体交易地址及时间不详。根据该线索情况,燕罗派出所民警认真分析线索来源,研究部署抓捕方案。同时巡查蹲守,并在进入辖区主要交通路口开展武装设卡查缉进行布控。   民警在巡查蹲守过程中,在塘下涌社区富塘路,发现一辆棕色小车在周边不停转悠,形迹十分可疑。见此情况,为防止该嫌疑车辆逃窜,燕罗派出所巧妙利用该路段正在修路的时机,一边部署路障及车辆在道路两头做好围追堵截,一边安排便衣尾随其后。   该嫌疑车辆进入富塘路布控范围,伏击民警果断出击,上前将该车及车上人员控制。经搜查,民警当场在其中一名男子身上找出麻古一小包约 1.04 克,并在该车上缴获冰毒两小包约 4.57 克,以及查获自制手枪 1 把、雷鸣登枪支 1 把、子弹 2 发、砍刀 1 把。民警将车上三名嫌疑男子带回派出所做进一步调查。   据介绍,三名男子名为黄某、李某成和刘某东,年龄最小的 22 岁,最大的 29 岁,均是湖南省邵阳人。他们供述,由于缺钱,三名老乡便聚到一起,想方设法在东莞搞来毒品到深圳贩卖。   目前,三人因涉嫌贩卖毒品已被燕罗派出所依法刑事拘留,案件正在进一步审查及深挖扩线中。   深圳晚报记者 张少琼 通讯员 谢晓雯 见习编辑 李怡天相关的主题文章: