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PR Here are some suggestions for choosing aluminum tee bar. First, Check the thickness of aluminum tee bar is a good way to adjust the quality if aluminum tee bar. Many people may think that, the thicker of the aluminum tee bar, the better the quality is. At present, in the inner decoration market, most of aluminum tee bar with the thickness of o.8mm are manufactured by some small suppliers. The ceiling materials they produces generally has poor quality. The manufacturers often reduce the thickness of basic aluminum plate, instead, they uses very thick films on the surface of the products. Second, recognize the brand the aluminum tee bar. All famous enterprises have the brand mark on the surface of their products. If there is no a marked film on the surface of aluminum tee bar, you can identify the poor quality of this products. Third, identify the brand stenciling on the surface of products. Due to the manufacture of aluminum ceiling and keels should match each other, you"d better buy the keels and aluminum tee bar made by the same manufacturers. If the aluminum tee bar does not match the keels, it may affects the accuracy of installation. Almost all the famous enterprises have the whole process of keel production as well as aluminum tee bar manufacturing. And each of the products made by these enterprises has the stenciling on the surface which cannot be wiped out. If the products has no stenciling on the surface of the products, this products may made by some small enterprise. The quality of these products without marked film as well as the stenciling usually are not very high. Recent years, there are many small enterprises manufacture these kinds poor quality products. They uses some containers such as chromium, lead, mercury and other harmful material to made aluminum tee bar and other ceiling materials(the cost of these materials are very low) Forth, .pare the undercoat on the aluminum ceilings. The function of undercoat is to prevent the steam from infiltrating to the bottom side of the aluminum tee bar as well as the slate. If the undercoat doesn"t function well, the steam generated by the daily life activities may damage the surface of the bar, and the aluminum tee bar will go moldy. Undercoat on the bottom of aluminum tee bar with high quality should be painted equality. You can identify the panting condition by your naked eyes. That is, if the surface of undercoat has no small silver gray spots, the quality of this kind aluminum ceiling has good quality. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: