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College-University The aspirants who make their way to CAT have some Common Do’s and Don’ts. To be successful, the aspirants are advice to follow some of the following basic rules to pass this test. What makes anyone successful in the exam like CAT- good reading habits, interest in solving puzzles, questioning mind and think logically? All these factors make a great impact in CAT preparation, but what makes the real difference is PASSION- a passion to win the challenge and excel in and competition, to beat your records and to be best in your chosen field. Lack of time or less money is not the hindrance for those who have the passion to win their dreams. Such a person will demolish any obstacle coming in his way to success. The aspirants must develop his critical thinking ability to crack CAT exam, must have the clear perspective of on what parameters he is being judged and prepare himself for that. The test tests on thinking ability on English and maths as a medium. The ability looks for thinking logically, making reasonable assumptions, to reject information that is irrelevant and incorrect, have the ability to access statements and arguments, to focus on the key issues quickly and to examine the problem from each angle. The candidate must focus on quality rather than on quantity. What to study and how to study is more important than how much you study. Many focused and directed students study less hours with concentrated mind produced good results than from those who study for day and nights. Learning can be improved by enjoying the process of preparation. If the candidate has genuine interest of what he studies than the learning process is more effective and interesting. For the exam like CAT conventional method of lecturing at coaching institutes or giving practice material at home might not work up-to the required testing standard, Instead students should stretch their mind make their own parameters and standard of preparation matching up the standard of CAT preparation. Memory training exercises and playing mind testing games like Su-Doku and solving puzzles are also taken as the part of the preparation. Solve fewer problems but what-ever problem you solve go in-depth, analyses the problem from each angel. Try to solve the problem in as many ways as you can. Analyse the impact on the question and answer after altering some facts and figures. Try to understand the implication of conditions given in the question. If the aspirant is weak in mathematics he at the very first build a strong base of fundamentals. Practice regularly to improve familiarity with large variety of questions in mathematics. Build a good speed through mental speed calculations and mathematics tricks. Focus on basic chapters like percentage, average, number system, algebra and geometry. If chapters like probability, permutation and combination found to be difficult these can be taken later on. So while preparing for the exam like CAT the aspirant should make his mind, collect resources and then chosen his action plan accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: