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Hardware Hard drive crash could be the reason of data loss if proper initiatives are not taken. Most of the .puter users dont give much importance to data backup and they keep all their important data on the hard drive. Even it is also not un.mon to see that data are stored on the primary partition of the hard drive. In these cases, if the operating system crashes or if the hard drive .es across any problem, you might have to .promise your valuable data. Online technical support from a reliable .puter repair .pany is the only way out in this regard. Read this article and get familiarized with the process to recover from a hard drive failure. To counter a situation for hard drive failure, first you need to determine the root of the problem. Have you installed any new hardware? If yes, you need to unplug those devices and then try to re-boot. If the problem persists, you need to try other troubleshooting steps. Start your .puter in Safe Mode. In order to go to the Safe Mode, you need to reboot your PC, and then hit the F8 key when the PC is starting up. Then choose the option to go into Safe Mode. If you can view the Windows login screen, then there might be a software problem which is causing the problem. Try System Restore feature of Windows to get your PC up and running. Sometimes, damaged master boot record or partition makes a disk unbootable. In this case, all the data stored on the hard drive are still intact. You can fix MBR to resolve this problem. TESTDISK is a very useful application that could be used to analyze the disk and recreate both the partition table and the boot record. You can also get help from data recovery experts to cope with hard drive failure. You can opt for their help. Besides, there are also many programs available online that the users can use for data recovery. Many of them are absolutely free. The procedure of installing these applications is very simple and easy. You can download the program to a USB drive and run it on the PC. Many web-based data recovery sites are also there that offer online web-based recovery service. Once you talk to their experts they will scan the failing drive and try to retrieve lost data. In terms of hard drive failure, one thing should be remembered that a "hard drive failure" error message does not mean all is lost. There are plenty of tools and techniques that could be used to bring the drive back to life. Or at least recover your important data. These days, technology has be.e tremendously advanced and dealing with hard drive failure cases has be.e very easy. If you get in touch with an experienced tech support expert, there is almost hundred percent chance of data recovery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: