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Tour Operator India | South India Packages | Travel Agent India Tour Operator India day when we witnessed and touched a small part of the rich history of our beautiful country. The minute details in dressing and body postures are unbelievable to have been done in an age so ancient. The huge Buddha statues have even their toenails created with scrupulous perfectionism. One of the pillars in a cave (might be cave no 11, can’t remember) creates tabla like music when knocked with the hand. The guards should be happy to tell you the location. We had some Vadapao after .ing down and started towards the hotel. this trip concluded our journey to Aurangabad for that time. We had a great time in those two days, felt like experiencing a different era altogether. We had a bus to catch next day, but it took a long time for the marvels of Ajanta to vanish from my mind and let me sleep that night. Tour Operator India day was to be hectic as well as we had to travel to the Ajanta Caves. It is about 110 kms from Aurangabad and usually takes a whole day’s plan. We booked a car from the hotel for 1600/- and left at around 11:15 in the morning. There were some more gates on the way namely, Rangin Darwaja, Delhi gate, Bhadkal gate etc. We reached Ajanta at around 1:15. upon reaching we had to take a bus of Archaeological Survey of India to the starting of the caves. There from the counter we took the tickets and started climbing towards the caves. The sculptures, created with Da Vinci-esque precision shows the exact body structures while carrying a load. So both design wise and meaning wise these sculptures are truly magnificent. Also the details in the painting of the queen fainting from the news of the King’s death in battle, in cave no 16, is another one to savour. Tour Operator India is a series of 29 caves consisting Buddhist paintings and sculptures. Caves 1,2 and 16 contain the paintings and to visit them we had to take separate light passes. However flash photography is prohibited in all of the caves. Cave 1 consists the most famous paintings Padmapani and Bajrapani. Age has taken its toll on all the paintings but still the beautiful coloring and detailing created during 2nd BC is enough to spellbound any one by its magic. Those people are lucky who visited these caves during their full glory and marvelled at their grandeur. The overhead beams carried on the back of lonely ‘Yakshas’ show fatigue but when they are carried by ‘Kinnar’ couples, they show bliss. It tells us that burden of life could be really heavy when carried alone but a jiffy when sharing it with others. Tour Operator India being Buddhist caves, contains chaityas in many of them. Also sitting sculptures of meditating Buddha, teaching Buddha, praying Buddha are also pretty .mon. Most of the caves have numerous small beautiful engravings and sculptures. Cave ceiling’s have been cut as ‘Mandaps’, and pillars carved as though decorated with flowers. Sculptures of ‘Kinnars’ and ‘Yakshas’ are also abound. Cave no. 24 is the biggest but unfinished. It took us around 2 hours to .plete viewing all the caves. The caves close at 5 PM so that time should be kept in mind. The beauty and somberness of the caves were breathtaking. Many of the caves would warrant revisiting them and that we did. Especially the caves containing the paintings were worth the second look. Some of the statues convey a meaning towards life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: