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The "Transformers 5" in the former residence of Churchill inserted the Nazi flag were veterans of protest grandson of Churchill Tencent entertainment news according to foreign media reports, being shot in the "Transformers 5: The Last Knight" in the UK recently sparked controversy: the film went to the former residence of Churchill and Blenheim Palace film, also there are arranged on the Hitler headquarters, the Nazi flag, a car and a group of "ss". This caused some of the veterans and organizing the protest, said Churchill will die". Michael ·, who introduced the role of Churchill in "Transformers 5", and took a shot at the former residence of the house of Churchill. The grandson of Churchill, British Conservative MP Nicholas Soames Sir · don’t think there is anything wrong with the practice of the crew, he angrily accused the media speculation this: "like all the newspapers do, they try to find a poor soldier ready to say:" Winston will die. " But they don’t know what my grandfather thinks! This is ridiculous. After 75 years of war, what’s wrong with making a film in Blenheim Palace? What I can say is this: it’s ridiculous and pathetic." He thought that the controversy was "an artificial noise, and it was the darkest, stupid story I’ve ever heard."". Michael · Bei "Transformers 5" director Michael · Beckham responded that Churchill has nothing to regret in life ":" I just want to say, people are not so lucky to see the script, they do not know in this movie, Churchill is a hero, but if he springs are known also to the end "the knight" with a smile. People have not seen the film, do not know the outcome, do not know how Churchill in the film Hero, so, that is to say, "he has nothing to regret in life."."相关的主题文章: