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Two men cheated Jiaxing household subsistence allowances meals eat triplets into wangjiangjing Jiaxing District of Xiuzhou, a mother of triplets Wang Limin, is not easy, a woman pulled three children, when the poor home, eat, go to the market to pick up the leftovers to eat leaves. But there is a liar find Wang Limin, ah… Married in his hometown of Guizhou, Xiuzhou District wangjiangjing Town, gave birth to triplets son. A sick husband, she wants to go to the hospital to take care of her husband and son to take care of triplets, through hardships. January 2010 three children at 3:30 in the afternoon, Wang is walking to the kindergarten door, waiting to pick up the children home. Her husband fell ill after Wang Limin also thought, find a part-time job to earn money to supplement the family in the vicinity, but light every day looking after three children will spend a lot of time and effort, for her work can not find. The husband cook skill is very good, good health, often give children cook delicious meals, but now, the whole family on 630 dollars a month low premium, even burning xuncai can guarantee every day. Blow after another, not long, sick husband passed away, her husband died a few days later, she received a phone call home in Guizhou, said that his father was diagnosed with liver cancer. From 2009 to 2010, her mother and her father died because of cancer, three relatives of Wang Limin world’s most pro so gone. Her experience, deep sympathy for everyone, many enthusiastic residents to visit her and three sons, send money to send things to help her. In 2014 three children have read the fourth grade primary school Wang Limin also had classes, but a little far away from home, take care of the children is not convenient, and quit, no work, no source of livelihood, relying on the government $one thousand and five hundred each month subsistence is not enough. So she bought the sewing machine and started working at home, picking up some sewing buttons and sewing clothes. A button for eight cents, Wang Limin day up to 1000 sewing pieces, if one minute a count, need to sew for nearly seventeen hours, until two or three a.m., the income is eighty dollars. Because the door has their own kinds of vegetables, year-round children eat most vegetables, if the received list, earned money, Wang Limin Gesanchaiwu will give children better food. Twelve noon, one family dinner, four people, two dishes and one soup, plus a bottle of hot sauce. Look at the children grow up day by day, Wang Limin very pleased, in her opinion, the most difficult period is over a thousand dollars now his monthly income, plus subsistence allowances, barely able to maintain the family expenses. Fortunately, three children can understand the mother. Wang Limin: you want to buy him, you do not buy him will not say, will not let you buy, that is, by the way, even if it is, my son behaved here. New shoes and new clothes this year to buy new trousers, dress pants is one of my little friends to buy their shoes, I bought the shoes I sew on a button, sewing 958 dollars, so I bought the shoes for them. From 2010 to 2014, a person with three children, Wang spent the past four years, the children grow up day by day, single mother is not easy. Three children in September 2016.相关的主题文章: