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"Village" upgrade turned apartment rents rose 30% – market dynamics – Locke Guangzhou?? Guangzhou second-hand rental market in September concentrated in the center of the city "outbreak", the relationship between supply and demand that part of the village of the original village house "rise, after upgrading turned apartment, rent more than 30% or more. The industry believes that the village house to upgrade the apartment to change the traditional model of the tenant to find their own tenants, is expected to become a new force in the rental market. ?? "Village" to upgrade the apartment rental market area?? effect?? it is understood that in the housing boom to the city center, the housing shortage situation intensifies. At the same time, the rise of a number of apartments homeopathy to seize the market. The relevant agencies responsible person said, in the village of the village, Jubei, Tianhe Cencun, this type of impact on apartment rental market deepening and gradually expand. These apartments mainly by the operator from the hands of the villagers to lease or buy the whole building, re decoration, and equipped with electrical appliances, furniture, etc., the hotel room for the centralized management and rental. The industry believes that this model compared to the previous progress. The reporter learned that, before there have been operators from Village Owners hands "collection" for rental housing, but the houses are usually scattered in different buildings, but also to the owners after the renovation permit, the cost and difficulty are relatively large. ?? Since the building of "village house" after renovation, rent rise. Li Chao, for example, the village common 1BEDROOM apartment layout, before the transformation of market rent in 1200 January, once the decoration upgrades, the rent can be up to 1800 yuan or so, the rent increase is as high as 50%. "Village house" to upgrade the apartment to achieve their own rental growth, but also the impact of the rental market in the region. Insiders found in a small area of the original village in the rental market, the same apartment layout unit, this kind of apartment than since the building price of ordinary unmodified 300~700 higher in January, but the apartment decoration facilities more attractive, once the original apartment tenants being split, the landlord could self housing rental prices; on the other on the one hand, apartment than near the area of housing prices to 500 yuan or so low, low rent rental residential tenants that part of the plan to the apartment market. ?? This year just graduated from the University of Xiao Xu, found two apartments and residential choice, Pai Village single apartment price 1500 yuan or so, Huajing metro area a "lie" rent 2000 January, but need to share with the master bedroom and another man lying. Because of her rental conditions, and that just the work of economic capacity to pay is not high, the final choice of Pai Village brand between single apartment, with independent bathroom rent to 1500 yuan, the new furniture and decoration. "If the living area, not only the high rent and also need to share, apartment decoration conditions, space is very independent, more cost-effective". Xiao Xu said that in her apartment building, occupancy rate of 100%. ?? With the improvement of apartment mode and gradually deepening, "village" to upgrade the apartment rental market, increase the supply of housing, the housing company will be distributed together, changed the traditional owners to find tenants.相关的主题文章: