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Wang Han and the fire again carry forward this Friday Hunan TV giant fearless "we come" will be broadcast in Dalian Railway Station second, ten guests follow the program group came to Dalian armed police fire brigade, fire officers and soldiers and close contact, and the heroic firefighters of a fire drill, conducted a hitherto unknown experience. Wang Han as captain, led the team forward, in front of the fire and smoke without fear. Even in the face of setbacks, but also did not shake the faith of Wang Han as a fire envoy. Wang Han and the fire again shouted Junzi tall on the show, ten guests to the Dalian fire brigade to communicate with the experience, Wang Han also talked about her in the car ten years ago has become attached to things and fire. In November 9, 2006, Wang Han was hired as the first "Hunan fire ambassador", he was involved in the fire public campaign to fire ambassador. Wang Han said that he is "star fire captain", the main responsibility is to promote the cause of the fire, the fire brigade for a year to visit, each team in a few days, firefighters experience life, and a large number of fire shooting commercials, improve the general public’s awareness of fire. After the guests into the fire brigade, they began to group training. The Wang Han and the fire continued to the front, when the squad leader, played an exemplary role in all aspects, call the password, standing posture are very skilled, to their players set a good example. Domino Wang Han escape fall carry gun fire fearless it is understood that the ten guests with the fire brigade allied to escape Domino’s game, they will run backwards, before falling down in Domino, went to the safety zone. Captain Wang Han as the first to start running very smoothly, but in the middle of tripping, seeing the Domino brand will fall down, at a crucial moment of the moment, he stood up quickly, the outbreak of the astonishing speed run backwards so desperately, he finally success? We are very much looking forward to. In the 100 meter race echelon attack, Wang Han still rushed in the front, facing the fire smoke, he had no fear, fully demonstrates the positive energy of a "fire ambassador". The members of Xi Mengyao, Jiang Yiyan in his encouragement, but also strive to hold the gun forward. The "we have come to the" Dalian Railway Station and firefighters have a different experience and exchange, the evening also super hi party, Captain Wang Han in which there is a wonderful performance? Please pay attention to this Friday 20:20 Hunan satellite TV "we are coming".相关的主题文章: