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WeChat, V traced brush quantity   100 thousand + the amount of reading — only a few thousand people.com.cn Hainan windows, people.com.cn yesterday, the WeChat public brush tool breaking news extensively discussed in WeChat, between the circle of friends. Sources said the number of people reading the brush because of the number of public tools to break the number of WeChat, the number of public reading volume fell straight. Some usually with a hard wide suspect 100 thousand + level big V article now only thousands of reading. WeChat, V traced to the brush yesterday, online news, click on the brush tool due to micro signal collapse, a lot of WeChat "large" revealing the true tail. Many seem to read the amount of tens of thousands or even 100 thousand +, in the amount of reading a straight down yesterday, the amount of reading is usually only a few dozen or even one percent. Reporter contrast technology data released by the Tencent found that part of the public number in the number of reading on September 28th, indeed there is a cliff downwards, the amount of reading part of the public, even more than usual by 50 times. Since the beginning of the commercial operation of WeChat public numbers, the number of fans of public numbers, WeChat reading volume has become an important reference for commercial value. Some public number operators in order to make these data "presentable" at data fraud. According to an Internet operators who broke the news, advertising businesses in the WeChat public number is the cost of the number to see the ads around an average of one hundred thousand of the amount of reading headlines on the general public number to about twenty thousand. According to insiders, the number of public brush is very easy to distinguish, one of the most significant feature is that there is no time to read an article after the issuance of a sudden outbreak of abnormal amount of reading. For example, an article issued after one hour, 2 hours, 18 thousand click on the 10 thousand 3 hours after 22 thousand, this data is consistent with the propagation rules, if you find an article on four hours is still 20 thousand or so, second days suddenly rose to 100 thousand +, it is undoubtedly the amount of brush." Brush reading has been formed in the industry chain is said to be the cause of the accident is the upgrading of the WeChat system, leading to the original amount of brushing the robot can not work properly. It is understood that with the amount of brush tool matures, competition in the amount of brush industry chain is becoming increasingly tragic. "WeChat search public number reading" on Taobao, the number of businesses up to 32 pages, some stores trading volume has reached tens of thousands of pen. According to informed sources, the number of WeChat public brush reading because profitable, has formed a huge industrial chain. A science and technology industry since the media people told reporters, in order to make reading data look better, she is mainly through the crowd in red envelopes, get some traffic, occasional customers have read the number of requirements of the situation will use professional brush software. In fact, the amount of brush is not unique to the public number of WeChat products, as early as in the era of micro-blog, brush brush and brush the phenomenon has been widespread. In addition, Taobao has also been brush reputation and brush behavior orders get scorched by the flames, and even set up a Alibaba group platform management department to combat fraud, scalping behavior, even the most popular broadcast has become the "brush" the hardest hit. Previously, users have found that as long as a live, even black, still)相关的主题文章: