Weight loss does not eat staple food, weight is very easy to rebound

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a lot of people can not avoid the delicacy meal temptation, so some "slimming Master" proposed do not eat carbohydrates (including rice and other staple food) to keep slim "coup". Nutrition experts advise, do not eat carbohydrates for a long time to lose weight is very easy to rebound, but also cause brain unresponsive, body nutritional disorders, metabolic syndrome.

in recent years, do not eat staple diet is very popular. Many people eat too much food, no intake of carbohydrates. In fact, this weight loss method may be effective in the first three months, but as long as the start to eat staple food, weight loss will rebound, even more than the previous level. Especially women, daily food intake is not high enough to digest high protein, high fat foods, once the staple food, it is prone to poor protein nutrition. Do not eat staple food for a long time, but also inhibit the secretion of insulin, reduce insulin sensitivity, and ultimately induced hyperglycemia.

eat staple food can still lose weight. If you do not eat the staple food, vitamin B supply was cut off, the neurotransmitter is easy to disorder, weight loss will be depressed, the brain slow, thinking ability, insomnia, depression, which is why many diet recommended dose of vitamin B tablets.