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Weinan villagers steal farmers eat celery resulted in many poisoning hospitalized western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Du Peng Weinan Taiwan Cao Panpan Fan Dongbao) recently, Weinan District of Linwei City, Guan Di Zhen Zi Guo Cun of several villagers and their relatives and friends, eating from outside the village to a piece of land in privately picking celery, 9 people hospitalized poisoning. November 3rd evening, Weinan Central Hospital emergency infusion hall, a row of beds lying seven patients. Chang Xiuli said on the bed, in October 30th, her family of three people in the mouth of a private home after picking a celery, there have been symptoms of poisoning. Weinan District of Linwei City, Guan Di Zhen Zi Guo village Chang Xiuli: "eat celery is medical, basically is four or five hours after the attack began to vomit, his food is in the abstract, even if we privately with your dish right, not enough for so many people to go with death." The same as eating celery poisoning as well as villagers Huang Xiaoqin family, she regretted having told reporters, in addition to their eating, she also secretly picked celery gave his maiden, mother and four other relatives lead poisoning in hospital. Reporter: who are they?" Linwei District, the town of Guan Guo Guo Guo village villagers Huang Xiaoqin: This is my two dad, my mother and then I have a sister who is the two in the hospital in the three road in." Reporters learned from the hospital, these patients were sent to the emergence of vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, diagnosed as acute organophosphorus pesticide poisoning". In November 4th, the reporters came to the purple vegetable Guo Cun outside, see there is no celery. The ground is inserted with a "toxic" word sign around and no protective network facilities. It is understood that the celery from outside the village on a rented, usually unattended. Wife Ann said, in the celery is often the local villagers secretly picking, recently celery vegetable prices, in order to prevent the economic losses caused by decapitation of celery, she played for the pesticide ground celery in October 29th, and the "toxic" set up warning signs in the fields. Celery growers a wife: "no pesticide dry, you eat my food, medicine is toxic, I applied in what you say I have no responsibility?" The safety of a pesticide in their rented garden, and specially have the "toxic" warning signs, some villagers near by secretly feeding celery poisoning in hospital, so whether the owner should be responsible for food? Shaanxi Taipu An Xiaoling law firm lawyers believe that celery growers pesticide behavior belongs to no fault liability, even if objectively subjectively, without any fault, it shall bear tort liability. Shaanxi top lawyer An Xiaoling: "the use of pesticides apparently is the warning but not security, if the victim does have evidence to prove their damage results because of the behavior of the people caused by the spraying of pesticides, so they can be divided and judged by the people’s court proceedings and shall make the responsibility to the people’s court in accordance with the" the law of tort liability "."相关的主题文章: