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UnCategorized You are a manager. In fact, everyone is a manager. You may manage an executive team. Or as a member of an executive team, you may manage a team of managers. If you’re a manager, you manage supervisors. And if you’re a supervisor, you manage a team of workers. And all workers manage themselves. So since we are all managers, what is the most valuable .petency a manager can have? I learned this .petency in the Air Force as I advanced through the ranks. The .petency is an imperative interaction that if not developed leads to failure and worse events. Learning this .petency can result in unbelievably positive results in business and in life. Not learning this .petency will lead to frustration, unhappiness, poor morale, high turnover, stress, poor performance, terminations, and even demise. What is the .petency? The .petency is genuinely caring for yourself and the people who work for you. That’s right: loving yourself and others. You must take care of yourself both physically and psychologically. Only when a person nourishes and cares for his or her body and psychological well-being can he or she then nourish and motive others. Motivating people to produce their best work is a critical .petency of every manager. Loving yourself means feeding yourself the right foods, engaging in physical exercise to be at your best, resting appropriately to be at peak performance, and engaging in non-work activities to rest your mind and cultivate greater energy and creativity. Loving yourself means learning, growing as a person, seeking to develop more of your unlimited potential and greatness. When you love yourself in this way, you can love and care for others in your work and life. What did Mary Kay, Mother Teresa, Colin Powell, Walt Disney, Helen Keller, and Herb Kellerer all have in .mon? Not only are they recognized as being extremely successful but they passionately cared for the people whom they served. People follow leaders who they believe care for them. Loyalty and exceptional service is given to those who take a genuine personal interest in the well-being of others. High-performance is given to those who appreciate people. Appreciation, gratitude, and exceptional service are grounded in the value of love and caring. How much do you care for and love yourself? How much do you care for and love the people who work for you or who you encounter in your work and life? An attitude and expression of caring and love can take you far. Without that .petency, your future is extremely limited and less than positive. See and serve everyone through the lens of love. About the Author: or at 602 996-1802. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: