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When Ang Lee met Feng Xiaogang, they felt the film have a sense of security before and after Ang Lee and Feng Xiaogang two times the same schedule "fight", Ang Lee and Feng Xiaogang finally got the chance to sit down and talk. Last night at the Tsinghua University, the two Chinese film director, each film used new technology to do a lot of interpretation. Ang Lee felt that with tens of millions of dollars to shoot a 120 frame of the film, "adventure and lucky, to send recruits to fight, feel like". Feng Xiaogang is said to come out from the "Venice" documentary film shooting style, considering using a circular frame. Although it is the first time to talk, the two directors mentioned the safety agreed that the most secure movie. Challenge the audience’s viewing habits: "young Ang Lee school" on the 24 frame shooting doubt Feng Xiaogang: don’t want to use documentary photography "I am not Pan Jinlian" change the file, Feng Xiaogang said hope and director Ang Lee with "burn this traditional" cold "in November, after all two sessions" before and after the release of the film was only one week. Ang Lee "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" before the November 11th release, "I am not Pan Jinlian" is November 18th to meet with the audience. Interestingly, two people the same schedule fate as early as four years ago was also staged, Ang Lee’s "life of Pi" first released, after a week’s Feng Xiaogang’s "1942". The difference is that this time the two have chosen to challenge the audience’s viewing habits, Ang Lee with a frame of the 120 shot, "·, Lynn, the war in midfield," the "I am not a man of the world" by the use of the circular composition of the "" in. Why do you want to challenge yourself? Ang Lee was shot with experience in "life of Pi" to explain, "in the past has always insisted on the film, I didn’t feel a thing of digital film, until the finished" life of Pi "after the first contact with the 3D, found that 24 frames taken with no doubt things begin to have some questions want to find out the answer." Feng Xiaogang said he felt that Liu Zhenyun’s novel is very interesting, the film wants to increase the sense of the ridiculous, because it can only occur in the Chinese story. In view of the fact that Zhang Yimou filmed similar theme "the story of Qiu Ju", is taking the documentary shooting style, looking for new forms of Feng Xiaogang, the Southern Song Dynasty landscape paintings find inspiration, "read a story in the circle, very poetic and artistic conception". The new challenges brought about by the change of Ang Lee: 120 frames taken to express actor Feng Xiaogang richer: circular frame pull vision, weakening of Fan Bingbing beauty "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" in Beijing on Sunday ahead of the first show, including Zhang Ziyi and other stars including the audience, praise the film authenticity, clarity, and "I" Pan Jinlian is not more than a month in the country, reflecting constantly praise. For the new challenges brought about by changes, the two directors also gave an explanation. Ang Lee believes that the 120 frame format, although was a makeup artist, photographer complained to the actor too harsh, he is pleased the actor stood the test, even filming scenes, due to improved resolution, without expression and feeling "make-up modified actors feedback is very rich and valuable." "I personally.相关的主题文章: