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Artists In August I had an opportunity to meet the artist, Richard Bulman, when the Fairhaven Originals Gallery in Fairhaven, Washington hosted "An Evening with Richard Bulman". I had seen his work before, but getting to know him a little bit, and to talk to him about his work, was a real treat. I learned a lot about Richard, but one thing I came away from the discussion is that Richard Bulman is passionate about art, he loves what he does. When Bulman was exposed to art as a youth, he fell in love with the process, but he was told that he did not have a natural talent. This did not deter him, but instead made him more determined. He observed that having to work hard at being an artist has perhaps made him appreciate art and the process more than others who had a natural gift. He said that he has seen some naturally gifted artists who did not pursue the craft, and he wonders if one reason is because it came too easily, it did not .e by hard work. I think that there is a lot of wisdom in this thought, we more often appreciate that which we have to work hard to ac.plish. Richard Bulman is very diverse in his art. I believe part of that is due to growing up in a home that supported many artistic forms. His Mom helped him with his drawing and painting, his Dad was a jeweler and taught him how to make jewelry. Throughout his life, Bulman has practiced: oil painting and water colors, lithographs, prints, etchings and jewelry design. I see Richard Bulman as a citizen of the world. He is interested in learning about all cultures, and this is reflected in his art. He will spend much time studying and learning about an ancient culture, its legends and people, then go and visit the historical sites left behind. Much of his world travels is reflected in his work, from ancient Greece to the American Indian. Though Bulman does a lot of architectural work, he really enjoys trying to capture the human form. In an interview from a few years back, Richard said, "I think the human form is the most beautiful creation in nature. That has really driven me to capture that physical beauty and the emotional content in the faces and figures I paint." Besides painting, Bulman has done an amazing job capturing the human form in stone. This is a new style that he started experimenting with in the last few years, a style in which he does amazing work. It is hand etching on slate. On this more permanent media he has captured the beauty of the ideal human form, which is refreshing considering how much debasing of the human body there is in popular media today. Besides the human form, he has also done architectural slate etchings, and etchings that resemble partial old treasure maps (these are a lot of fun). It was a pleasure to spend some time with Richard Bulman, he is passionate about what he does, and he loves to share that passion with anyone who wants to do more. He may say he is not a naturally gifted artist, but it doesn’t show. His art is beautiful, and through the cultures and humanity that his art represents, it has something to say to all of us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: