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Who is the "garlic fueled" fry garlic "benefit millions of Yuan recently, part of the city of garlic retail price more than 20 yuan per kilogram, garlic prices rose more than 90%, many people exclaimed" garlic "comeback. Xinhua viewpoint reporter in Shandong Jinxiang, Henan Zhongmu garlic producing areas affected by the weather survey found that garlic production decline, supply reduction is the main reason for rising prices, but in bullish expectations, hot money speculation played a very important role. NDRC official said recently that Shandong has deployed Henan and Jiangsu provinces, the main production areas of garlic garlic prices to carry out inspections, with a certain scale storage business, wholesalers remind, and thoroughly investigate the garlic cold storage library, wholesale and other sectors, found collusion, illegal price gouging, will quickly be dealt with. The wholesale price rose more than 90% in Shandong County of Jinxiang province is "Chinese garlic", every day from around the country taking garlic in this pool, matching trading, leading the country and the world price of garlic. "Garlic prices are rising so fast this year, almost a day." Jinxiang Fengsheng fruits and vegetables Co. Ltd. chairman Sui Yunyu said that in May the fresh garlic listed, farm purchase price of 4 yuan per kilogram to 5 yuan in June, dry garlic prices rose to 9 yuan per kilogram to 11 yuan. Since then, garlic prices all the way up, has now risen to about 14 yuan per kilogram. According to the Jinxiang garlic wholesale market information center monitoring, recently, the average wholesale price of garlic 13.25 yuan per kilogram, compared to $6.9 per kilogram last year, an increase of 92.03%. Zhongmu County, Henan is also one of the main producing areas of garlic. Zhongmu chilled Preservation Association, vice president of the school three security engaged in garlic business has been more than 30 years, the price of garlic from July began to rise rapidly, the current wholesale price has risen to $13 per kilogram, up more than 90%". Secretary General of the China garlic industry information alliance, Yang Guihua, chairman of the Jinxiang garlic industry information association, said the decline in production, supply reduction is the main reason for this round of garlic prices. Last November, rainy weather lasted nearly 20 days. Before the main origin of garlic fine, dump heavy snow, Shandong, Hebei origin of garlic is more serious damage. Listed this year, the country’s total output of garlic compared to last year, a decrease of about 20%. Garlic production in the market background and garlic prices are expected to rise, many hot money into the garlic market. "Some big speculators in garlic before listing to the main garlic origin investigation, collect information, if garlic area reduced, cut, began hoarding garlic, a shot is thirty thousand or forty thousand tons." Engaged in 38 years of garlic business of Zhongmu County, said Liu Shaochen, chairman of refrigerated preservation association. Mr. Zhang is one of the fried garlic, in May this year from Yunnan to Shandong Jinxiang purchasing and storage of garlic. I raised 4 million yuan from Yunnan, in Jinxiang acquired a total of three hundred or four hundred tons of garlic, is expected to profit of $about 700000." He said. School three Bao said that this year, a number of Zhongmu County, the city took the compensation to invest in the garlic City, a household saving 60 tons of garlic, sold a few days ago earned a total of $2.相关的主题文章: