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Why do you make the product easy to die? – Sohu science and technology this paper consists of three classes. The three section of the translation group will be selected from the foreign science and technology media, the quality of the translation of the article, every weekend, we will recommend to you such a translation. In this heartfelt thanks to all the members of the three session of the translation group (currently a total of 19 people) to pay for this effort, the three class is trying to become a sexy, but also the temperature of the Internet people learning community. This paper recommended reason: Recently, the famous master product industry, founder of V silver cicada squad, starting from the "balloon fall", continuously published many articles on the cicada squad dissolution and the financing of the failure of the entrepreneurial process, and to do before reflection. This seems to remind us that there are many of us have seen in the eyes of the most beautiful products, after the phenomenon level continued to slump, and even quietly died. Sadly sigh at the same time, we should also see what is behind the problem. This article from the co-founder of INTERCOM, he reflects on the common product strategy in the business mode of "four hole", the person in charge of product planning is independent of a good read. * part of this article, according to the national conditions, to re rewrite the product experience is good, but also to solve the problem, money. People usually think that the software business model is like nature itself, ancestral reward meal and realize the perfect combination of business and design. But please believe me, not what the "natural" business model. The Internet industry has gone through years of validation, it has been proved that the product can only lead to short-term success, the impact of success is more important, is a long-term business model. After many years of the case, the author summed up a three point method, please see the following figure: price, feasibility, demand, is my summary of the business model of the three identification method. Don’t be caught some of these nouns, our common pit to specifically talk about the product strategy. Take a look at what these pits ignore. No. 1 pit: not important and low frequency problems (Note: three classes often see three classes the students should be very familiar with this picture) we can put the product into the four quadrant, whether you place the product in any field, you will have the opportunity to create a remarkable experience of products. The following three quadrants are better: what about the fourth quadrants? The problem is not important and low frequency may be demand, solutions are feasible, but the price is not good to say. People do not spend any money on these needs, and because of the low frequency of use, it is difficult to achieve through advertising or sponsorship of the replacement of resources. In short, if you are in the wrong quadrant where you may, born in product to business model. Some problems are recurring and difficult to solve, often because they are not worth solving. 2 pit: too cheap and too complex products if you want to be in the case of low cost, do a good job to the operation of the transaction, you need to follow the following methods to ensure that the economic benefits of your unit healthy control. You have to be prepared for the following: user oriented companies may be more tangled. Everyone wants to ensure that the user experience, and give priority to the use of rewards相关的主题文章: