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Why choose 172 new Chinese enterprises residential flat in 3 to enjoy a quality of life [Abstract] enterprises each buyers pay attention to the choice of the housing developers, large enterprises have security, will provide quality living environment for the owners. Fengtai Taihe West courtyard (real estate information) level 172, large-sized apartment 197 square 3-4 in real estate Tencent – CAC courtyard project is expected by the end of October 2016 house price, the model has been open, is line card, the main push layer 172, 197 large-sized apartment flat in 3-4. Specific sales information to be determined, please look forward to! The project is the CAC group to create the same CAC yard line of the new Chinese culture mansion project is located in the northwest of Beijing Xisanhuan Reitaku bridge on the eastern side of the park, Yu pu. The project was started last year, by the end of 2018 refined decoration occupancy, hardcover standards to the sales offices to be announced, the price is pending, please look forward to! Details Tel: 400-819-1111 to 722857. Tencent Beijing Fengtai real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721065 CAC Courtyard View Details Xifu brand developers property along the MTR | Gallery of the latest 400-819-1111 722857 thaihot compound project near the West Third Ring Road West, south near the Fengtai Road, the Lai Road quickly accessible West Second Ring Road, West to Yupu Park, north near Beijing high-speed, convenient travel. To improve the surrounding commercial facilities, and Financial Street District, Gongzhufen District, Lize business district three district 15 minutes to form a seamless connection, city life circle, idle away in seeking pleasure of everything. Next, the south side of the project will also have SKP shopping center, plus Lize business district 200 thousand square top commercial facilities, can meet the demand of high-end shopping. "" "" "click to view the comments above CAC courtyard house information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. Abstract: the name of the enterprise is the first choice for each property buyers, the name of the big developers of housing security, but also for the owners to provide quality living environment. Mentougou electric power construction · the Hua Chen 118 flat apartment layout and 140 flat Sanju four home real estate Tencent XUNDIAN · the Hua Chen is located in Mentougou town of Yongding Chang’an Avenue West extension line about 500 metres away from the road; on the south side of the Dragon (Lian Shi Road) about 1 km distance; S1 subway line (Planning) shore village station about 500 meters. The project on the south side of building 4 villa community planning, on the north side of building 3 villa, a total of 7 buildings. The · electric power construction; China Chen project is expected by the end of October 2016 re opening of the opening project, the specific time and price information are determined, interested parties can call or field to a detailed understanding of sales offices. · electric power construction; the Huachen project opened in August 27, 2016, launched 3 viewing villa, a total of 156 houses, apartment layout for 118 flat and 140 flat Sanju four in the opening 40 minutes is sold out, but there is no housing. The opening price of 60000 yuan, refined decoration, hardcover standard 9000 yuan, property costs 4.5 yuan monthly, May 31, 2018 launch. 2015.相关的主题文章: