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News-and-Society "Why won’t he ask me out?" Women have been asking this question for generations. Every woman has her own stories. You wonder how to get a guy to want you. You ask questions like "What do men want in a girl?" But there may be simple reasons why he isn’t asking you out. The answer to "Why won’t he ask me out?" differs from one pair of people to another. We cannot give a definite answer to a particular case in an article such as this, so we shall focus on the top reasons why he won’t ask you out. The following are six top reasons why he won’t ask you out. 1. No attraction. Attraction is not a choice. It .es or it doesn’t. Attraction has its physical and personal aspects. Men are attracted visually, and every boy entering puberty latches onto some feminine feature that means Woman to him, so it doesn’t hurt to give him the physical cues that attract his attention, but don’t rely too much on the physical. Men’s physical attraction is NOT PERSONAL. If you want a lasting relationship, it must be very personal. Also remember that being confident in you own femininity is much more attractive than any particular physical feature can be. 2. You are not yourself. If men sense that you are deceitful and manipulative, they will be repelled. If you get close, they will find out soon enough, and you don’t want them to be resentful of being deceived. It doesn’t pay in the long term to fake who you are. Also, trying to fake who you are is a strain. 3. He is afraid of ruining things. If he really is much attached to you as a friend, then he is afraid that the friendship won’t survive dating. Engaging in a much deeper relationship is a gamble, because lovers often get hurt. He is unsure of how you might react to it, and how it would affect your friendship. He is afraid that if you say "no," it will end your friendship. If you say "yes," that will risk a lovers’ breakup later. You can make it easier for him by remarking, in an appropriate context, that you think relationships are more fulfilling when they grow out of a friendship. 4. He’s probably shy. Men risk rejection, many times, in approaching a woman. Each rejection hurts. Some men are more sensitive to the pain than others. Try to initiate things and do the first step but do not take over the control. Most men are turned off if the woman takes control, especially during a date. Ask him out as part of a group of friends, and then spend time with him in the group. Let us not be too traditional like waiting a guy to make the first move. 5. Maybe you are pushing yourself on him too much. Always remember that guys do not like extremes. Neither too much affection nor too much inattention are good. Give some space and time. He will eventually realize your value if you do it. 6. You probably have different interests. There may be no way to integrate dating into the rest of your lives. Although the goal of a date may be to spend time together, a date requires some activity to do together. If there is nothing you both enjoy, that’s a problem. These are just some of the most reasons why men do not ask a woman out. There are many other reasons out there, but these reasons are a good place to start looking for the answer to why he won’t ask you out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: