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Will the big shareholders of the 230 listed companies be less than 15% of them to be stared at by barbarians? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money source: under the surging news sideways, where is the investment opportunities? In the third quarter, the Shanghai Composite Index repeatedly shocks, around the 3000 points closed the circle. As of September 30th closing, the stock index reported 3004.70 points, the cumulative increase of 2.56% in the third quarter. The lack of market sentiment, even a "thousand sideways" scene, a large stock market shrinking Yindie, amplitude in September 20th only 0.40% of a nearly 14 year low. However, with the in-depth implementation of the backdoor new deal, and the emergence of placards funds, a group of equity dispersed companies are causing market concern. The typical representative of the previous period is Vanke A (000002), Bao energy department continued to overweight, Vanke A nearly 10 months cumulative increase of more than 40%. The market is looking forward to, who will become the next placards fund targeting? Surging news combing found that more than 2900 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities, if the largest shareholder of 15% of the shareholding ratio is bounded, the existence of equity dispersion of listed companies have 230, listed in accordance with their P / E ratio as follows. Among them, there have been some stocks in the recent emergence of "placards" concept market. Such as the Three Gorges Water Conservancy (600116) announcement on September 14th that the shareholders capital Three Gorges and concerted action long VENTURE HOLDINGS accumulated about 49 million 660 thousand shares, accounting for 5% of the total share capital. Although the overall offer conditions have not been touched, investors still cherish the hope that the strong water supply limit of the Three Gorges Project in September 14th will be calculated with the closing price of 9.28 yuan in September 30th, compared with the price of 8.16 yuan before the placards, and the stock has risen by 13.75%. Some analysts pointed out that the equity dispersion of listed companies, itself is easy to trigger the attention of funds. Especially in the market downturn, some asset quality listed companies, if the largest shareholder shareholding ratio is low, often easy to become the so-called "barbarians" funds "invasion" of the object. And in the process of these funds involved, often accompanied by rising stock prices. Especially in the background of the implementation of the new regulation of the backdoor, the increase of such listed companies, often also has the dual effect of investment and speculation. As for the largest shareholders of such listed companies, active defense has been put on the agenda. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

这230家上市公司大股东持股不到15% 会被野蛮人盯上吗? 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新股申购:股市最简单捡钱方式   来源:澎湃新闻   横盘之下,哪里才是投资机会?   第三季度,上证综指反复震荡,围绕3000点大关兜起了圈子。截至9月30日收盘,沪指报3004.70点,第三季累计涨幅2.56%。市场人气不足,甚至出现了“千股横盘”的场景,一大片股票缩量阴跌,9月20日的大盘振幅仅为0.40%创下近14年新低。   不过,随着借壳新政的深入落实,以及举牌资金的涌现,一批股权分散的公司正在引发市场关注。前期的典型代表是万科A(000002),宝能系持续增持之下,万科A近10个月的累计涨幅已经超过40%。   市场期待的是,谁会成为下一个举牌资金瞄准的标的?   澎湃新闻梳理发现,沪深两市2900多家上市公司中,如果以第一大股东15%的持股比例为界,存在股权分散情况的上市公司有230家,按照其市盈率排序罗列如下。   其中,已经有一些股票在近期出现了“举牌”概念行情。   如三峡水利(600116)在9月14日发表公告称,股东三峡资本及其一致行动人长电创投累计增持约4966万股,占总股本的5.00%。虽然并未触及全面要约条件,但投资者依然怀有憧憬,9月14日三峡水利强势涨停,而以9月30日的收盘价9.28元计算,比起举牌前8.16元的股价,该股累计上涨了13.75%。   有分析指出,上市公司股权分散,本身就容易引发资金的关注。尤其是在市场总体低迷时,一些资产优质的上市公司,如果第一大股东持股比例较低,往往容易成为场外所谓“野蛮人”资金“入侵”的对象。而在这些资金介入的过程中,往往会伴随着股价上涨。   尤其是在借壳新规深入落实的大背景下,增持这类上市公司,往往还兼具投资和投机的双重效果。而对于这类上市公司的第一大股东而言,主动防御已经被提上议事日程。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: