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well-known Linux system KDE and computer manufacturers to launch their own dedicated hardware.



KDE is a well-known desktop environment running on the open source system Linux. Behind the days before the KDE development team said that the team will cooperate in Spain computer maker Slimbook, launched a special operation of KDE Neon system KDE Slimbook notebook.

this collaboration is to solve the biggest problem on Linux: Hardware compatibility. Similar companies like apple, by simultaneously control two aspects of hardware and software to solve this problem, Microsoft is licensed by the Windows high licensing fees and hardware specifications strictly, ensure that the hardware partners to provide driver support for the system. In contrast, Linux is an open source system, it has different compatibility on different hardware. In this regard, the user can only go to the relevant technical forum to ask others to install and run problems.


KDE Slimbook, KDE development team can more accurately solve some specific problems through the standardization of the hardware platform, and based on this notebook software development, so that they can better run. KDE team hopes to provide a more reliable experience through a unified hardware to attract more people to use the KDE version of Linux.

specific configuration, KDE Slimbook equipped with a 13.3 inch 1080P screen, optional fifth generation Intel core i5 or i7 processor, up to 16GB of memory and 500GB ssds. Among them, the low version is equipped with i5 processor, 4GB memory and 120GB SSDs, priced at $780 (about 5363 yuan), high version price is $1325 (about 9110 yuan). In fact, such a price has been able to buy some of the good configuration of Intel super. Of course, everything must be determined according to their actual needs.